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Mend Mark
The mend mark is a distinctive wristband designed with the purpose of resembling one of the five scars of Jesus. The band features circular disks that are positioned at each side of the wrist. The intent of these is to simulate one of the holes that was instrumental in killing a King. The purpose of bearing this symbol is to emphasize the importance of His sacrifice and prompt us to never forget the role that it continuously plays in our lives. Have you been marked?


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Hearts In Stereo
Besides a great icon in the two hearts, this Canadian quintet cranks out some melodic pop punk with a good penchant for a vocal hook. They pull off a real funny parody of Justin Bieber’s “Somebody to Love” in a video on their MySpace.


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The Crucified
Choose from a wide-range of apparel, accessories and music from the band that has inspired a generation of fans since 1984. Great quality, quick shipping and professional customer service. And for a limited time, download two classic Cru tunes at www.PromotionsCrew.com.
One satisfied customer recently said:
“I received my merch and they ROCK! One very satisfied (if aging) metalhead. Thanks so much!”
Dave C.

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News From Verona
Gripping vocals, shredding lyrics, and a shear level of optimism is what defines News from Verona. News From Verona is able to combine the smarts of Paramore with the boldness of The Classic Crime all while crafting a tightly produced, hook-laden rock album (All I Know Is I Know Nothing) appealing to a multi-cultured demographic.

Look for their big tour with ManicDrive in January and February.

“Really catchy hooks that are easy to begin singing along to. Nice piano accompaniment with the smooth vocals.”
HM Magazine


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wonrowevision777 album cover final

Wonrowe Vision – Mission Invincible
Wonrowe Vision is a Classic Street Rock Band with a strong Evangelistic Christian Message. In the vein of Rez Band, Altar Boys & Hawk Nelson with a Heavy Punk Edge. The Band’s debut, Mission Invincible, is a must have for fans of True Jesus Rock! CD comes with a Free Bonus DVD. Steve Rowe – Mortification – Bass Guitar & Vocals; Lincoln Bowen – Ex Mortification – Guitar; Andrew Esnouf – Drums. Available online from roweproductions.com through the soundmass.com store. Record Company & Management – silverbulletrecords.com

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“Forgiven”  by Eric Samuel Timm  XLVII-V-XVII “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”

The word “Forgiven” really cuts to my heart strings. What I love about forgiveness is that is connects the common threads of humanity. What I mean by that is our pains and pasts are very much alike, the details is what makes them unique to us. I wanted to paint a piece that captures this commonality we all share and the solution I pray we would all find. I wanted to connect us together, but offering room for each of us to add our story.

For more information on Eric Samuel Timm or to have him speak/paint at your event check out nooneunderground.com

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1King worship wear clothing company
1King worship wear is an exciting, powerful, positive alternative to mainstream fashion with a unique style that focuses on the word of God. 1King worship wear is custom fashion that focuses on quality, fit and design. What’s custom? It’s the special technique of applying inks, dyes and details. No two shirts are the same. Every garment is illustrated, dyed and decorated by hand to make everything created truly unique.

If you’re looking for that one-of-a-kind, stand-out gift this holiday season, visit 1kingww.com and place an order. While you’re there, find your style and add it to your wish list.

“Clothe yourselves with the Lord.” Romans 13:14


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Hail the Blessed Hour
Hail the Blessed Hour will be ringing in the new year with their sophomore label release “Anastasis.” Hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Hail the Blessed Hour delivers a brutal and diverse array of Christ-centered metal. Visit our online store at ragingstormrecords.com and use the code HTBHGIFT to receive a 10% discount AND early shipping on the new album.

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“After The Clouds, The Sun” is the wintery, swirling debut EP from Ashlynn, a 4-piece indie band based out of Dallas, Texas. Their sound seems to be the musical embodiment of a baby that would be conceived from the likes of Thrice, As Cities Burn, and Lydia. Unique instrumental and vocal arrangements mixed with the conceptual lyrical journey of discontentment to understanding makes “After The Clouds, The Sun” worth a listen, given you are a citizen of good taste.

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Adoption Saves Live Shirt

Show your support for Adoption!
Wear the pro-life message by sporting one of these fine shirts or hoodies from Rock For Life. Go to RockForLifeStore.com and enter “HMMAG” for a special discount on these shirts and everything else in the store! These items make excellent Christmas gifts! All proceeds go to promoting human rights for all people by engaging the culture through music, education and action. To join go to RockForLife.org.

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Mike Farris Artist  Image

Mike Farris and the Cumberland Saints
The Night The Cumberland Came Alive is the first of Farris’ Rose Memorial Fund projects, which is an ongoing charitable outreach in memory of his long-time manager and friend, Rose McGathy. Farris rolls out a decidedly pre-war Americana sound, while delivering a hopeful message of restoration.

“The net result is one class act, Mike Farris, soulfully supporting a very good cause.”
Dan MacIntosh, HM Magazine


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Project Damage Control

Melodic Progressive Album Rock. Imagine listening to an iPod programmed by an avid rock fan with ADD.


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The follow up to Philmont’s critically acclaimed ATTENTION (August 2009), The Transition EP delivers 6 tracks of high-energy, melodic pop sound with singable choruses like on debut single “You Will Remain,” currently vying for adds at Christian Hit Radio. Lyrically, the project ventures a bit more in-depth than previous Philmont efforts, touching on themes that include God’s divine nature, the case for creation and value of human life. Available on iTunes and on Philmont’s online merch store.


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Tech Art Productions
Tech Art Productions provide Concerts & Event Production, Music Festival & Tour Production & Management, Audio & Video & Lighting Production, Staging Design, Complete Sound, Lighting & Video Installations for Churches, Clubs, & Restaurants. Refining the Art of Production!!!
Contact: Ron Williams / ron@techartproductions.com / 615-935-7885

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HT 7450 Zero Gravity Massage Chair
Human Touch makes a complete line of massage chairs (you know, those things you plunk down on for long periods of time at Brookstone shops in the mall until someone stares holes into you) and this one is at the top. With a user-friendly remote control, it’s easy to explore and learn what the different programming options are. This one is billed as a “zero gravity,” because it reclines almost into a full horizontal posture. The handy remote allows you to add heat and experiment with rapid or slow percussion, kneading and compression. A cool Acupoint® Detection system pinpoints trigger points to key in on during the massage. At times a program will stall, as if the unit is over-worked. Nevertheless, this chair has been cherished and appreciated during our deadline this issue. [humantouch.com]

[ Setup Ease: A-  |  Performance: B  |   Price: $3,999 ]

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Robin Hood DVD

Robin Hood
Epic, historical (though the accuracy could be questioned) and highly entertaining, this 2-Disc Unrated Director’s Cut is a pleasure to watch. Then, with the directional oversight of Ridley Scott, this should come as no surprise. Russell Crowe was superbly cast for this medieval tale put to film. They managed to balance equal parts battle action with human drama (redemption, betrayal and corruption). The extra bonus disc is loaded with fun deleted scenes and entertaining documentaries on bringing this legend to life.

Spiritual Relevancy (%)    70
Obscenities    2
Scenes of Gore    6
Nudity / Sexuality    2

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