The Polish Rock Band, FRÜHSTÜCK, and Florida Based Indie label, YoungSide Records, have signed a Licensing Agreement for the release of FRÜHSTÜCK’s third full-length album, “QUIET”.

“We’re thrilled to be taking our distribution relationship with FRÜHSTÜCK to the next level.” enthused Arlene Marais, president of YoungSide Records.  “It is a great opportunity to be working with this band that is such an integral part of the International Christian music scene in Europe.”

Since joining forces with Finnish Companies Maanalainen Levykauppa/Bullroser Records in January 2009, YoungSide Records has been a conduit into the US market for various European artist productions including HB, Deuteronomium, Rammas Atas, Random Eyes, Pain Remains, Sacrecy, Sotahuuto, and Scandinavian Metal Praise, as well as working with various artists including, Codigo Eterno, Coriolis, Holy Moly Band, Red Fist Revolution and Templar.

YoungSide Records continues to specialize in “bands that rock hard, but clean,” and enjoys a reputation for providing high-quality music that doesn’t compromise.

FRÜHSTÜCK (pronounced ‘froosh-tuk’, which loosely translates to ‘breakfast’ in German) was formed in 1997. After some lineup adjustments, FRÜHSTÜCK is Martijn Krale (vocals), Wojtek Karel (bass), Tomek Kuzbik (drums), and Marcin Karel (guitars). Their debut album ‘Mine’, was released in late 2000, followed by ‘Muza’ (with a supporting tour which included performances at Cornerstone and Sonshine Festival) in 2003; an EP entitled ‘Mud’ in April 2005, followed by EP’s “Be Careful” in 2007, and “Follow” in 2010.

“We are very excited and grateful that our new songs will become available through YoungSide. I think we make a good fit.  We have similar goals and attitudes. We’re just very grateful and enthusiastic about this co-operation” said Martijn Krale.

“QUIET is an important work for us. Over the last years, we have matured through the good, the bad and the ugly, and I think the songs reflect this greater maturity. The songs are honest about joys and struggles, but I guess there is more hope and faith in them than in our earlier work. Singing the songs helped me express my heart to God. We can use it to lift ourselves and others up, closer to the Maker.  We hope that QUIET will do just that… Give someone hope on a rainy day… Help someone who got stuck regain an eternal perspective. One day we’ll see peace forever… No more wars, injustice and hatred. It will be peaceful and quiet… But until that day, we want to make some good noise about it” continued Martijn.  “Once the new album is out, we expect more growth in our Polish radio and rock festival presence, and we’ll play the maximum amount of concerts we can handle”.

With influences such as the Muse, A Perfect Circle, U2 and King’s X, their music has a definite eclectic “feel” to it which is extremely pleasing to a wide range of listening ears.

FRÜHSTÜCK’s third full-length album ‘QUIET’ will be released in Poland at a CD Release Party set for March, 3, 2012.  International fans can pick up a copy at  For more information on FRÜHSTÜCK, including their performance schedule, visit FRÜHSTÜCK’s Facebook Page.


Arlene Marais
YoungSide Records
+(1)239-989-2059 ●  ●


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