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Some great artists have a “gimmicky” song – something that’s off-kilter or not necessarily serious. Steve has one of those. OMG he has one of those. It is so amazing and unique that EVERYONE MUST OWN IT. The song is called “This Sad Music.” It’s kind of a spoken word thing with the songs of whales in the background. You must have it. But the musical genius of Steve Scott does not stop there. No. He’s got killer pop rock songs that are must-haves on the serious side of things. Tunes like “Not a Pretty Picture,” “Ghost Train,” “Love in the Western World,” “Emotional Tourist” and the early/nostalgic “Different Kind of Light.”

-Doug Van Pelt, HM (today)

“Steve Scott knew the craft of ‘80s Britpop like few others. ‘Love in the Western World’, ‘Emotional Tourist’, Not a Pretty Picture’, and ‘Ghost Train’ are all hits that could’ve/ should’ve/ would’ve ruled MTV’s airwaves in the decade of splashy colors.” -Doug Van Pelt, HM. (in the past)

“Any fan of ‘80s style alternative/ new wave/ pop will love the first nine tracks, but it’s the spoken word poetry tracks that take this collection to the next level.” -Matt Crosslin, Down the Line.