android audio speaker

Win one of these wireless speaker systems (as reviewed in the January issue of HM).

Here are some product details:

Wi-Fi Range, Wi-Fi Speed

Play-Fi products have the latest Wi-Fi technology, 802.11n, built right in. Your music goes anywhere your network does, at lightning speed.

Multi-Room Streaming

Add speakers, link them up, and hear music everywhere. Or, have people stream their own songs to separate rooms at the same time.

No Hassle Connect

Instantly connect any Play-Fi product to your existing home network. No need to go near your router or even touch the speakers.

Advanced Audio Sync

Playback from linked speakers, regardless of distance, is perfectly synchronized, without lags, echoes, or any degradation in audio quality.

Built For Android

Use almost any Android phone or tablet as both a music source and controller for your Play-Fi system. Kindle Fire, too!

Intuitive, Simple App

Access your music, integrated streaming audio services, and your speaker system, all in one place. Pick a zone, choose a song, hit play, and enjoy!

High Fidelity Sound

Music streamed as pure, lossless audio, with astonishing sound quality.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Enjoy any song from any service on your phone with Play-Fi’s Bluetooth streaming option. You can also use Bluetooth to stream from non-Android devices.

To enter this contest, send an email to contests(at)hmmag(dot)com. Please include “Play-Fi” in the subject heading and include your mailing address in the body, so we’ll know where to send it if we randomly pick your name out of all the entries. Winner will be chosen on Valentine’s Day (2/14/13).
(Contest limited to residents of the U.S.).


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