This is a very exciting time for us, and we would like to thank you for all the support you’ve shown us. We have been locked away for quite some writing and recording new music for you, and we can’t wait to share it with everyone. As we started to write the first batch of songs, we quickly realized we were on to something very special. Before we knew it, rather than having just a batch of songs, we had a full album worth of material that we could not wait to record. After spending two months at NRG Studios in North Hollywood, we recorded what we believe to be the best music any of us have ever been a part of. We are so incredibly proud of the album we made together, and we cannot wait for all of you to hear it. We found a great partner in Universal Republic Records, and they will be releasing the debut album soon

The year 2010 is going to be an exciting one for us and we have many plans that you will soon see coming together. Here are some of the things going on right now that we want you all to be a part of:

First Single! : We have just released our first single, ‘Bury Me Alive’ for download from most digital outlets such as iTunes, Amazon, etc. This new version is a new mix, and is almost a full minute longer than the original ‘Bury Me Alive’ that was made available back in June when we launched the band, and features a much longer orchestral outro.

Free Download! : We’ve recorded a special ‘acoustic’ version of ‘Bury Me Alive’, and we are offering this as a FREE download when you sign up on our mailing list. You can download the free song at this location:

The Tour! : We are very happy to announce that starting on March 26 in Philadelphia, we will embark on a six-week tour of North America as direct support for the band ‘HIM’. We were honored when asked to be guests on this tour, and look forward to seeing all of you on the road. The band’s ‘Dommin’ and ‘Drive A’ are also on the bill. Visit for a complete list of tour dates and links to buy tickets.

Debut Live Show! : Before we embark on our tour with ‘HIM’, we thought it would be appropriate to make the band’s first full-length live performance a very special occasion. Our worldwide live debut will be one special night in London, UK, at ‘Kings College’ on March 23. Tickets for this event can be purchased here:

Please add us at our social-networking sites, as we are constantly posting updates on our progress as we prepare for our first worldwide tour. You can expect many photos and videos uploaded from our rehearsals and travels on the road.

See you on tour!

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Frenzied. Chaotic. Punk. The Undertaking!, San Diego's newest wild bunch, is about to release their debut album, and, if their live show is a premonition of any kind, the world will be opening up to one heck of a party with them. Contributing writer Andrew Voigt talks to vocalist Austin Visser about the band's new album, the reality of their music, and how they've been able to embrace their creative freedom.


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