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Versus Angels debut EP came out almost a year ago, but is just now gaining momentum through their single, “Just Alright.” The band was brought together by He is Legend’s touring guitarist, Worth Weaver, in 2011 and offers a few solid songs for fans of alternative rock; musically, the band falls somewhere between Armor for Sleep and the Spill Canvas interpretations of modern rock. The songs are catchy but without much lyrical substance; talented, but not noticeably original.

The song “Just Alright” has all the elements the band does best. It starts with a simple but catchy guitar opening and then jumps to a short pre-chorus and an easy-to-remember chorus. People that are introduced to them in concert will be able to learn the chorus instantly and shout along, “Everything’s gonna be just alright / everything’s gonna be just OK / Just know we’ll make it out alive.” Listeners will walk away with the words in their head even if they don’t offer much creativity. This band is in the position to get some moderate airplay on both Christian and secular alternative stations.

Fans of The Chariot will notice a familiar guest vocalist in the middle of the track “We’re Only Human.” For the second time in a few months, Charlie Chaplin reprises his speech from the 1940 comedy, “The Great Dictator.” The quote is significantly shorter this time around, but doesn’t flow as well with the song’s lyrical themes. It worked perfectly on The Chariot’s One Wing album, but seems out of place on Versus Angel’s debut. Maybe next time they’ll use a speech from his debut film, “The Kid,” instead.



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