As posted on the Tourniquet forums ( by Ted Kirkpatrick of Tourniquet:

I have three exciting things to tell you about. I have just completed recording my first solo album called ODE TO A ROADKILL. The title track refers to the sad reality of the millions of animals who die each year on our roadways. 7 songs, over 40 minutes of brand new music. I have been a fan of slow “stoner” music for many years, and this album definitely fits that category, with my own influence to it, of course. I’m really pleased with the way it turned out and look forward to having you all hear it as it is super, super heavy. All “vocals” are done utilizing majestic, creepy, haunting, unaltered animal calls. Cool album art designed by Jared Meyer – aka Lucid Hysteria. The album will be available as a 6 panel Digipak CD and an online download. Looking at a release date of March 10, 2010 – right around the corner.
ODE TO A ROADKILL – brand new “stoner” solo album from Tourniquet drummer Ted Kirkpatrick
Ted Kirkpatrick: all instruments, tracking, and mixing
Recorded in Wisconsin February 2010

At the same time, I have been working on a different solo project also very soon to be released called IN THE SHADOW OF THE MASTERS. It is a very technical drumming album featuring drums played over classical music. I’ve done a few things on past Tourniquet albums, but I think this is beyond anything so far just in length of the pieces. IN THE SHADOW OF THE MASTERS will feature music by Mozart, Chopin, Rossini, Beethoven and more. Release date: March 30, 2010.

Finally, we will be recording a brand new epic TOURNIQUET album in July or August, 2010. We are excited to announce that we will be working with legendary English producer NEIL KERNON. Neil has either produced, recorded, mixed, or engineered a staggering amount of cool music from classic metal (Queensryche, Dokken, Judas Priest, Autograph) to death metal (Nile, Cannibal Corpse) to progressive music (Nevermore, Magma) to hair metal (Britny Fox) to Christian bands like Petra, to classic bands like Kansas, to platinum selling albums like Hall and Oates “Private Eyes”. We plan to release it as soon as it’s finished in fall of this year.



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