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Polish group There Is No Tomorrow made its first official release back in October with The Cult of Celebrity, a six-track EP. The three-piece metalcore band formed in 2010, with a mission of fighting against materialism and “plastic pseudo-values.”

Musically, the group is sound. The drums are well-handled, adding a strong background to each track. TiNT avoids the sins of many young metal bands, like clashing cymbals and constant double bass that overpowers the other elements of the song. The guitar and bass really fill out the songs and create a great base for vocals or other elements to be added.

Unfortunately, the vocals are very one-dimensional. The screams are decent; however, there is very little variation in pitch or intensity. On occasion, the vocalist will bring it down to an almost singing or talking voice, but this just shows TiNT’s inexperience, and it interrupts the flow of the song. The lyrics are dark at times — and though they tackle serious concepts like consumerism and self-indulgence (as suggested by the title The Cult of Celebrity), it tends to sound like they are trying too hard to have something to say rather than saying something that matters to them.


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