October 2010

Dear Tomfest Family,

It’s been awhile since I made some decisions about the fest and I wanted to write to update those that are interested. At this point there are no plans in place for another fest HOWEVER, there is an open door and the willingness to do it again. At this point I am being ultra careful and I am asking for your prayers for clarity. The question is not IF we can do the fest but SHOULD we do it. There are some possibilities out there and I just need confirmation in order to move forward. Many of you have written and I appreciate all of your letters. In the meantime please consider supporting www.joshuafest.com. It’s in October in Northern California and will be a great time.

I am putting together a new project that I would appreciate your support in. It’s called GameChurch. Check out www.gamechurch.com. Set up a profile and tell us what you think. Right now the site is in a beta test so that we can work out the kinks. The latest version just went up a few days ago so bear with us. The password is ‘redpill’.  The vision is this: GameChurch is 3 parts. The first is the website. Its all about video gaming, news, reviews, interviews and it has a spiritual side for those looking for something more. But if a person is only looking for legitimate content, they will find it. They don’t necessarily have to engage in anything spiritual unless they want to. There is a simple button to click to get to the spiritual side of what we are doing.  The second is video game trade shows. We will have a booth at CES, Comic Con, E3, GenCon, PAX and others. We will be conveying the message that Jesus loves you right now, right here, as you are, to those in attendance. The third is a ‘gamer’ Bible that we have created. It is the Gospel of John with commentaries from and about the video gaming industry and in ‘gamer speak’. We will be passing those out for free at the shows. One of the ways we are driving traffic to the site is with our new web series called ‘The Leaderboards’ which will have its own website in the next couple weeks but for now you can click below. You can also view our interviews by clicking here:


Here are some ways to help us. Add us on Twitter and Facebook. Here are the links:

GameChurch on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/GameChurchcom/121971611169165?ref=ts

GameChurch on Twitter – http://twitter.com/Gamechurch

Add our new web series:

The Leaderboards on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/The-Leaderboards/152711418092809?ref=ts

The Leaderboards on Twitter – http://twitter.com/theleaderboards

You can help us by donating to print Bibles. We will be giving out 7500 to 10,000 Bibles at every show. Every dime given goes directly to printing. You can download our ‘gamer’ Bible at gamechurch.com. You can donate by clicking this link:


If you would like to go even further, think about becoming a domestic missionary by coming to the shows with us and handing out Bibles. We are looking for people who love playing video games and would enjoy seeing some of the video game shows and that have a heart for ministry. You can learn more by clicking here:


As always, I ask for your prayer and your support. I would love for you to add me on Facebook (www.facebook.com/mikeebridges) and on Twitter (www.twitter.com/mikeebridges). My hope is that you are all doing well and that the voice of God is speaking to you.

Much love to you all -Mikee


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