Timbre Summer Tour 2012

We are excited to announce our summer tour! I will be playing with my new bandmates, who I am terribly excited about. Please come out and bring friends!
July 7th, 2012
Bushnell, IL
Cornerstone Festival
Jul 12, 2012
Chicago, IL
Quenchers Saloon
Jul 13, 2012
Goshen, IN
Goshen Theater Backstage
Jul 15, 2012
Indianapolis, IN
Indy Alliance Church
Jul 17, 2012
St. Louis, MO
July 18th, 2012
Nashville, TN
Jul 20, 2012

Orlando, FL

Discovery Church Art Gallery
Jul 21, 2012
Charleston, SC
Circular Church
Jul 22, 2012
Asheville, NC
Firestorm Cafe and Books
Jul 24, 2012
Winston-Salem, NC
Dye Pretty Salon Gallery
Jul 25, 2012
Lynchburg, VA
The White Hart Cafe
Jul 26, 2012
Charlottesville, VA
The Garden/ Eunoia
Jul 27, 2012
Norfolk, VA
Aletheia (Love Greatly)
Jul 28, 2012
Philadelphia, PA
The Fire
Jul 31, 2012
Cincinnati, OH
Rohs Street Cafe


… which held all our remaining copies of “Winter Comes to Wake You” and most of our stupid expensive hoodies. If you would like to help us recover our over $3,500 in losses, you can donate here, or simply paypal to Timbre.cierpke@gmail.com.



The other best way to support us is by coming out to shows, bringing friends, and sharing our music! We can’t do this without you!

Thank you again for all your love and support. Feel free to say hello! Your encouragement means the world to me!



P.s. All cds are back in stock at Cdbaby, including the last few copies of “Winter Comes to Wake You”!!


or for download:



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