Summer Tour 2011

Hello loves! First of all, thank you for always being so supportive of us! We love you!

The first 2 people to respond to this email get 2 tickets for them and a friend to any show on tour! (except festivals)

We’re about to embark on our summer tour, and are excited to see you all!  We will be touring with songwriter Josh Ehrmann, and will be joined by a few different musicians along the way. We are really excited about this tour! Here are all the details:

Here are the dates! Please come and bring friends and bring piles of hugs for us!

Jul 1 & 2, 2011– Marietta, IL
Cornerstone Festival
Jul 5, 2011– Grand Rapids, MI
Frederick Meijer Gardens And Sculpture Park
Jul 7, 2011– Indianapolis, IN
Indy Alliance Church
Jul 9, 2011– Chicago, IL
Berry United Methodist Church
Jul 10, 2011– Barlett, IL
House show- Ian Simkins
Jul 12, 2011– Cincinnati, OH
Rohs Street Cafe
Jul 13, 2011– Saint Louis, MO
Jul 14, 2011– Kansas City, MO
Czar Bar
Jul 16, 2011– Denver, CO
Yellow Feather Coffee
Jul 18, 2011– Lawrence, KS
House Show – Jack Rafferty’s
Jul 21, 2011– Huntsville, AL
Jul 22, 2011– Florence, AL
WC Hand Music
Jul 23, 2011– Atlanta, GA
Bread Coffee
Jul 24, 2011– Gainesville, FL
The Dollhouse
Jul 26, 2011– Orlando, FL
Jul 27, 2011– Charleston, SC
Eye Level Art 103 Gallery
Jul 28, 2011– Asheville, NC
Firestorm Cafe and Books
Jul 30, 2011– Charlottesville, VA
Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar
Jul 31, 2011– Harrisonburg, VA
Blue Nile
Aug 2, 2011– Pittsburgh, PA
TBA – house show
Aug 3, 2011– Hamden, CT
The Outer Space
Aug 4, 2011– Lancaster, PA
Aug 5, 2011– Brooklyn, NY
Pete’s Candy Store
Aug 6, 2011– Philadelphia, PA
Circle Of Hope
Hope to see you all! There are a few shows still being confirmed. We’ve had a rash of bad luck with venues closing or cancelling, so more info will be going up on the artist data site. We’re excited to travel to your city! Please feel free to pass this on to friends! Forward to a Friend

Both records can be downloaded here:

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