A note from False Idle:

Thanks again for great review and for putting False Idle in your Pick of the Litter. That’s really given them a nice buzz. We really appreciate it.

I am working to put together a compilation album featuring Christian punk and hardcore bands to raise money for the HXC Christian website (www.http://hxcchristian.com). Josh Lippy and the gang at HXC operate the website with funds out of their own pockets (no sponsors, no advertising), so Thumper Punk Records and Caustic Fallout have teamed up to raise money to help. The compilation will be available for digital download (entire album only, not by individual song) for only $5, and there will be a very limited edition CD that will include some cool artwork and other information about the HXC website. Bands participating include:

Side A (Punk, Oi! And Ska bands): False Idle, The WAY, UniSEF, The King’s Kids, Unshackled, True Liberty, Send Out Scuds, Destroy Nate Allen, FBS, The Rekoning, Grave Robber, Hanover Saints, Thee Imposters, Skamikaze!, The Hoax

Side B (Hardcore bands): Braveheart, In Sheperds Arms, Killing Years, A Hill to Die Upon, Gorilla Warfare, Carrying the Fire, Messengers, Divinity Theory, Debtor.

One more thing, The King’s Kids have joined TPR for their second album. They’re about 90% finished with the album, which we hope to release in the next few months.

A little blerb about it on my website to announce it. (www.thumperpunkrecords.com).

Yours in Christ,

David @
Thumper Punk Records
** Shock Your Mom. Go to Church.


The Undertaking 2021

Quite The Undertaking

Frenzied. Chaotic. Punk. The Undertaking!, San Diego's newest wild bunch, is about to release their debut album, and, if their live show is a premonition of any kind, the world will be opening up to one heck of a party with them. Contributing writer Andrew Voigt talks to vocalist Austin Visser about the band's new album, the reality of their music, and how they've been able to embrace their creative freedom.


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