featuring Casey Corum & Friends, Live from the Sugar Land Vineyard,
In Stores Today.
Debut Album Release from the Newly Rebranded Vineyard Worship Label.

THIS IS YOUR KINGDOM COME NOW, the debut album from the newly re-branded Vineyard Worship label, releases in stores and on the web today, October 2, 2012.  Legendary Vineyard songwriter and worship leader Casey Corum joins noted friends to create a project featuring songs that have quickly become staples of the Vineyard church movement.
Recorded live at Sugar Land Vineyard (Stafford, TX) where Corum serves as worship leader, THIS IS YOUR KINGDOM COME NOW features Corum’s distinct lead vocals and introduces the powerful voices of Torri Baker (Vineyard Church, Columbus, OH), Crispin Schroeder (Northshore Vineyard, Covington, LA) as well as a 17 voice gospel choir.  Also featured on the project are Emmy-winning guitarist Bobby Hartry, and Vineyard UK drummer Jimmy Cook.
Corum has been a favorite on Vineyard Worship albums for the past ten years.  His passion to encourage and equip worship leaders has lead Corum to serve the church not only as a worship leader, but as a conference speaker, songwriter and Chairman of the Vineyard Worship Task Force. Some of his more popular previous titles include Form Us, Dwell, Better Than, Your Love is Amazing and We Need Your Touch.
THIS IS YOUR KINGDOM COME NOW reflects the heart of the songwriter, with authentic, Spirit-filled songs proclaiming God’s Kingdom coming in power, to free, to heal, to save and to make all things right in the world. “I pray these songs are a vehicle for the Spirit of God, for the in-breaking of the Kingdom of God as we sing,” explains Corum.  “I’m primarily concerned about actively engaging the presence of God from the core of my being, through these songs.”
THIS IS YOUR KINGDOM COME NOW, Featuring Casey Corum & Friends, Live from the Sugar Land Vineyard, Available today, October 2, 2012 through Vineyard Worship.  Bonus materials, including tutorials, chord charts, lyrics and more are available
To see a short EPK on the recording of THIS IS YOUR KINGDOM COME NOW, featuring Corum and the other artists featured on the project, please see:


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