First off, I just want to thank each of you for your support with our last single, “i Believe”. (Attached)   The response has been awesome and the radio play and support is very encouraging. Our song “James1” is also in a pilot TV show being pitched to Discovery Channel and National Geographic channel as well.   I have been online looking for people who would appreciate this music so If this is your first time hearing about The Weak Need, please take a moment and have a listen.  If you’d like to read more about us, you can download our CD E-Book HERE We are continuing our efforts to find distribution and management to aid our efforts in the US and UK market.

I wanted to let you know a few exciting things for us.

Our third CD “Everything But You” was just released last week and to mark that, we are releasing the second single off of it entitled “The Lament”. (Attached)  It is a song about not fearing the dreams that God has put in your heart.  Song Genre would be hot AC sounding like Brit Pop ie: Snow Patrol, U2, The Cure, Coldplay

The second bit of awesome news is that I (Sean) have JUST released my first solo CD entitled “Launch Into The Deep” with the very first single being “Awesome God” that proclaims that through everything, God is awesome.  Even when we are afraid of where he is taking us, He’s got our backs.  Song Genre would be hot AC sounding like Brit Pop ie: Snow Patrol, U2, The Cure, Coldplay.  If you are interested in hearing this single please let me know and I’ll send it off to you.


Setting out to write songs that burrow deep into the hearts of the listener with genuine lyrics, emotive delivery and uncomfortable honesty, The Weak Need are once again poised to offer the comfortable Christian contemporary market something new and refreshing.  Genre tags such as pop, alternative, and rock have been used to give the new listener a sense of what the band will sound like but fail to aptly describe the listening experience they are about to embark on.  The subtle allegory will catch the attentive listeners ear.

Everything But You, the third CD from this modern rock alternative Christian band is a complete work from start to finish.  It tells the personal story of loss, seeking, bad advice, pain, victory and promises.  As quoted by industry insiders, “It feels like I’m reading your diary.”  Every song offers a meaningful morsel of ear candy that is designed to be blasted from the radio and melted into your heart.

A high energy pop act being regularly compared to such bands as  Coldplay, Pink Floyd, Pilot Speed and U2. Their emotive delivery at their live shows has their fans saying that they were “blown away” and “speechless” afterwards. “They are like the Coldplay of Canada with Alan Parsons as their lead vocalist.”



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