The SLEEPING GIANT process is THE proven blueprint to engage MEN in the work of the local church.  Hundreds of churches have seen tangible results when their men Get In-Get Healthy-Get Strong and Get Going on an intentional spiritual path.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out this two minutes on SLEEPING GIANT – “nothing is more pathetic than a man that has a heart for God, but no spine…”

Here are just a few comments from church leaders about the SLEEPING GIANT concept:

Rick Warren, Senior Pastor of Saddleback Church, Author of The Purpose Drive Life:

“Saddleback Church is built on a strong foundation of men—strong, respected, godly men who lead by authentic example; through honest communication and inspirational action in our church.  In Sleeping Giant, my men’s pastor Kenny Luck gives you a local church blueprint for moving men from being an audience sitting in a seat to becoming an army marching on the field in your congregation.  Discover the pathway to engaging the men in your church to be all God intended them to be as they serve as leaders, counselors, shepherds, husbands and fathers.   Sleeping Giant shares the secret to building a healthy leader-making growth and development engine that supports the vision of your church.”

Pastor Kevin Springer, Living Oaks Community Church, Author of Power Evangelism:

“We were struggling to establish a dynamic men’s ministry. That is no longer the case. Our church now has new men’s small groups meeting weekly, with plans for expansion and leadership development in the future thanks to Kenny’s model represented in Sleeping Giant. It started a revolution that infected our men, their marriages, and our overall leadership.”

Kevin Trick, Community Pastor of Men’s Ministry, Centre Street Church in Calgary, Alberta, Canada:

“Kenny puts his finger right on the pulse of where men are today, correctly diagnoses the challenges before the church, and then gives the course of action necessary to jump start men to be activated for the Kingdom!  Sleeping Giant will move men from the audience to the army, unleashing the “800 pound gorilla” for battle.

“As a pastor, who wouldn’t want plenty of leaders who are able to walk with him into the missions and visions God has given him to execute.  Sleeping Giant will help get men in, healthy, strong, and going!  This could lead to a world-wide revival of men and the Church!”

Bill Search, Pastor of Small Groups at Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, KY, Author of Simple Small Groups.

“As I read Sleeping Giant my pulse quickened, my focus increased – it actually inspired me to stand up! Kenny and Tom strike the perfect balance of vision and practical how-to. I wanted to underline nearly the whole book. It’s time for churches to re-engage their men and re-engineer their men’s ministry! Sleeping Giant is just the blueprint to help!”

Rev. Dr. Clive Calver, former President of World Relief, Senior Pastor, Walnut Hill Community Church:

“This book is neither flamboyant nor extravagant… it’s not melodramatic nor controversial – it is simply HELPFUL.  Few books that I have seen in recent years so explores unexplored potential in the church as this one does.  Kenny Luck has offered an opportunity that we must not miss, here is HELP for all of us, don’t miss it!”


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