Great Lenghts

An Album By

The Protest

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The Protest’s sophomore release, Great Lengths, stands head and shoulders above the band’s previous efforts. Game Changer, the band’s first album, was a solid hard rock album but suffered due to its lack of diversity. Great Lengths solves that problem; it is a far more dynamic hard rock album, now tinged with a heavy dose of metal. The guitars stand out with some fantastic hooks, chuggy riffs and leads layered over a positive message in the band’s lyrics. You can pick songs at random and each one has its own distinct flavor. Take the industrial “Twist of Fate”with its rock guitar hooks and compare it to “Ironclad,”with its classical metal guitar and super heavy chugging chorus,landing it in Becoming the Archetype territory. Neither song sounds overtly similar,but the band’s dynamic tenacity stands strong as a current throughout the album. (It means you won’t get bored.) The Protest may fall more within the realm of hard rock or radio rock, but they like to toe the line with heavy metal.

The Protest’s new sound is more diverse than ever, showcasing a range of talents within their corner of the hard rock universe. It makes the album stand out from their previous efforts, and the metal flair they’ve injected into their sound is the perfect step in the right direction.