The Lonely Revolts to release debut album “Remnant”

The Lonely Revolts play true punk rock out of working class lines in Salinas, California.  They announce the release of their debut album “Remnant,” which combines powerful riffs influenced by Crash Dog, The Ramones, Swingin’ Utters, and Motorhead, and uplifting lyrics inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.  Remnant hits you with a message of revolutionary love and encouragement from down-to-earth men who earnestly seek and love the Lord.  Be prepared to join this lonely revolution, where you will never feel alone again.  Join the good fight.  Song list includes:

1.  To Warn the Lukewarm

2.  You Don’t Represent Me

3.  I Am Who I Am

4.  Lightning from the East

5.  The Same Old Same Old

6.  Peace and Safety

7.  The W.T.L.

8.  The Good Fight

9.  Working Class Bailout

10. The Day the Clouds Part

11. The Revolt Is Forming

12.  Bride to Be

Pre-orders of the Remnant CD come with a free limited edition CD which includes acoustic versions of all the songs on the album.  Remnant is available now for pre-order through the Thumper Punk Records website, and will ship the second week of November.  The album is now available for digital download at iTunes and the other usual places.  Find out more about The Lonely Revolts at

Thumper Punk Records ( helps artists record, produce and distribute music that reflects a positive, Christ-centered message.


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