glasshammerBand: Glass Hammer

Title: Three Cheers For The Broken Hearted

Release Date: 11/03/2009


Style: Progressive Rock

Tracks: 11


2009’s release “Three Cheers For The Broken-Hearted” reveals a leaner, tighter Glass Hammer; with Steve Babb and Fred Schendel once more handling nearly all of the instrumentation and one hundred percent of the writing and production.  Still, Glass Hammer alum Susie Bogdanowicz finds herself squarely in the spot light as the solo-vocalist on seven of the album’s eleven tracks.

From song to song, the dynamics are clear and present. “Three Cheers For The Broken-Hearted” features melancholy ballads, psychedelic influenced rockers and even head-banging metal tracks; all firmly based on the band’s previous progressive rock style.

While not a concept album in the traditional sense, the new album’s lyrics still carry a theme throughout.  The new release shows the more cynical, darker side of Glass Hammer – a band usually noted for its optimism.

“It’s still there,” says GH co-founder Steve Babb.  “But only revealed in places; certainly harder to find than in lyrics from earlier albums.  But while this album has given us a needed break from the out-right storytelling we usually attempt, when taken as a whole, ‘Three Cheers’ starts in a pretty dark place,

then gradually leads you back home again.  Even without the time-honored concept, our fans will definitely still find themselves on a journey.”

Key Selling Points:

• “Rock Band” for Wii and Xbox to include two tracks

from “Three Cheers” early 2010.

•Progressive Rock Media Mailing of 100 CDs

•Mailing to Progressive Rock Radio including

Sirius Satellite Radio

•Numerous Upcoming Interviews with Progressive

Rock websites and magazines

•First Glass Hammer Studio Album in over 2 years

Distributed By:

Sound Resources / Arion Records

6864 Longview Road

Chattanooga, TN 37421 USA

Phone: 423-499-8651


1. Come On, Come On
2. The Lure Of Dreams
3. A Rose For Emily
4. Sleep On
5. The Mid-Life Weird
6. A Bitter Wind
7. The Curse They Weave
8. Sun Down Shores
9. Schrodinger’s Lament
20. Hyperbole
11. Falling


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