On October 6th, 2009 The Fold will release their third full length CD, entitled “Dear Future, Come Get Me.” The CD will mark their first independent release, as the band has decided to take matters into their own hands with this latest effort. Singer Daniel Castady states “It would have been comfortable for us to stay [with our label], but that’s about it. The way things are now, noone besides the band can make or break success, it’s really up to us to make our mark. We’re finally ready to take responsibility and take this thing where we want it to go!”

“Dear Future, Come Get Me” is only available through digital outlets, and in CD for at shows or through the bands official merch store:

Accompanying the release, the band dreamt up a contest which successfully fuses youtube, twitter and forum style blogging all in one site ­ with one simple message: If you could stare your future in the face, what would you say?

From dearfuturecomegetme.com:
On the latest disc, the band looks straight into the future and says
“bring it on!” Now, it’s your turn! In the style of the album’s art,
submit a picture or youtube video relaying YOUR message to the future.
Be creative, be honest, look at the examples below as a guide; but
most importantly, be yourself! The band will pick 5 winners at the end
of November 2009. 4 runners up will receive a free autographed CD,
poster and sticker. One lucky grand prize winner will receive all of
that plus the new game ³Tony Hawk: Ride² which features the bands new single ³Neverender².

For more info on submitting your art, head to:



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