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There’s something mesmerizing about Evening:Morning, the debut album from The Digital Age, a quartet of former members of the immensely popular and eclectic worship ensemble, David Crowder Band. It’s proof that worship music doesn’t have to be generically simple; it can be fascinatingly enthralling and emotional.

Evening:Morning pushes the boundaries of the worship genre, delving into catchy pop tunes like the opening track “Captured,” to pop-rock like “Symphony of Grace,” to edgy, melodic tunes (that oddly reminded me of a mix between The Killers and One Republic) like “Through the Night,” and “Glow.” It’s these latter two songs that make this the best worship album of the year. Unique and bewitching, these songs will stick with you well after listening, and they showcase a style I hope The Digital Age pushes further into.

Because “Through the Night” and “Glow” are such powerful and strong tracks, it’s a little disappointing that a few tracks felt a little mediocre, like “Your Name (We Shout)” and the Jesus Culture cover “Break Every Chain.” But overall, Evening:Morning is a superb debut from these veteran musicians. The Digital Age is sure to go far.



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