Atlanta natives, THE CHARIOT have revealed first week numbers and chart positions for their newest record, “One Wing” released last week. “One Wing” sold roughly 4,900 copies in it’s first week more than doubling the amount “Long Live,” their previous album, had sold in its first week of release in 2010.

Landing at #85 on the Billboard Top 200 chart, #18 Indie and #3 Hard Music“One Wing” is now the band’s highest charting album to date.

“One Wing is the culmination of everything I understand The Chariot to be, & no one else could have made this record.” –

“I think what I’ve been hinting at through this review is that this appears to be the album that The Chariot have been tirelessly striving to record ever since day one, and that’s what makes this among the more memorable releases of 2012.” –

“This (“One Wing”) is The Chariot tearing off the head of what passes as metalcore these days and putting it on a bloody pike. Long live The Chariot.”

“’One Wing’ is an example of experimentation gone right.” – 8/

“I truly believe that this will be one of my top metalcore albums of all time.”

“For the first time on album, the downright scary energy they exude onstage has been properly harnessed.”Alternative Press

“The Chariot take real delight in bombarding the listener with as much complexity and violence as possible.”

“One Wing, a monumentally moving album in every sense of the word.” – 9/10

1. Forget
2. Not
3. Your
4. First
5. Love.
6. Speak
7. in
8. Tounges
9. and
10. Cheek.


The band goes into great depth explaining their cover art with artist Trey Moseley providing his own words. Click HERE or the image above to view a behind the scenes video on the making of the artwork that became, “One Wing.”


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