In the Taking of Flesh

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The Burial

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The Burial had quite an off-season. After some major member shake-ups — including the addition of songwriter and guitarist Elisha Mullins — the band opted to keep the same name moving forward, despite guitarist Todd Hatfield being the only member from their previous effort, Lights and Perfections.

As it would turn out, the most important thing for The Burial would be attaining Mullins. Having written almost every note on the album, In the Taking of Flesh is somewhat of a masterpiece. It kicks off with typical metal riffage, but halfway through the first track, “En-hakkore,” the uniqueness of the band sets in. Eventually, you’re just along for the ride. Top to bottom, The Burial surprises with their songwriting choices, and almost more importantly, their talent can keep up with what their brains want to do.

By the time the album is close to over, the South Bend, IN boys throw in the closing track, “Quintessence,” a progressive-metal powerhouse that caps off the record with some of the most impressive musicianship on the whole album.

It’s full-force metal from an original act. The changing of the members has shaken up The Burial in all the right ways.


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