Turning a Blind Eye

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Strengthen What Remains

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Steamrolling and unforgiving in nature, Strengthen What Remains pounds out a litany of in-your-face crossover with its new release, Turning a Blind Eye.

SWR is not for the weak or for those looking to find melody and happy tunes. This is anger and fury rolled into a skyscraper of hardcore. It’s like a hardcore cupcake, because it’s a teaser. By the time you get your head banging, it’s over. It just started to get good, and you have only tasted the frosting. You need more than frosting!

The abbreviated songs are a serious bummer. I found myself asking, “Is that all?”

Overall, it’s a fun album, with good musicianship and great breakdowns. Put on your Doc Martins and get ready to break something; this is fist-pounding music that is well-produced and well-performed.

It’s just too short. What can SWR do with 4 minutes? Right now, it’s just a good release with an IOU attached.

For fans of Hatebreed, Earth Crisis, Throwdown, Blood Duster.