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VictorStream, the only label-oriented, free, media player that can be hosted on any site, blog, or webpage, is giving an exclusive look into the debut album from BEFORE THERE WAS ROSALYN! Head over to to hear this collection of dark songs about humanity and our power to create and destroy from BEFORE THERE WAS ROSALYN‘s The Fuhrer (An Allegory of a History of Deception).  The album will have its world “streaming” premier at 11:00 AM CST on Monday, October 12.  Register today so you have your access code in hand once the stream goes live. The album will be streamed in its entirety, only through VictorStream, so don’t miss your chance to be one of the first to hear this phenomenal album!

Five boys from Houston Texas who attest that they are a ministry first and a band second, Before There Was Rosalyn is the kind of band that strives to become more than just the sum of their parts. With a passion and sincerity that’s all too real in a world where so many things are not, they invite you into their lives and their struggles, hoping to share in yours.

After extensive touring, and a great response to their 2008 release “As Far As The Moon From The Sun,” this post-hardcore act has set out to make a powerful statement with their Victory debut entitled THE FUHRER: An Allegory Of A History Of Deception, an album about humanity’s potential to create and its power to destroy. With a release date of 10/27/09, THE FUHRER is a bold and emotional journey into the heart of a humanity left to its own devices. Characterized by a sound of driving beats, powerful lyrics, and tasteful songwriting, Before There Was Rosalyn is here to remind us that music is still the best way for us to offer the only thing of value we really have to offer one another: our hearts.

“This record is for our generation,” Vocalist Carlos Salazar conveys. “It’s for all of us. This is about humanity. It’s not about the black and white lines that divide our morals or our beliefs, but the gray matter that makes up the lives we lead and the importance of the choices we make.”



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