After eight years as a band, sosaveme just released their official break-up statement. The Michigan rockers will call it quits this spring. After a successful run, five releases and plenty of tours, the four piece is parting ways to pursue other endeavors. Vocalist Nicholas Pidek released this statement on their blog today:

“Bands break up for a variety of reasons; for lack of vision, for lack of cohesion, for lack of funding. And some bands breakup on good terms with hopes of different futures. sosaveme has come to a turning point where continuing as a band hinders us from being able to individually pursue other areas in our lives we feel called to cultivate. The death of sosaveme will allow us to grow in other ways, but throwing in the towel is not a failure to us. We’ve sown 8 years of our lives and, along with our families, have borne the weight of living life on the road in a 15 passenger van. We’ve missed birthdays, our families, our comfort, our jobs, our security, but at the end of every difficultly we’ve faced, the people who have responded to the music and culture around sosaveme have been worth it all.

Over the years we’ve heard so many stories of how people have been affected by our music, by our touring, and by our conversations; this has been the fuel that has kept us going and provides the comfort that, as we walk away from sosaveme, we know there is a deep and lasting impact…”
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The band’s mission was to use music to connect with individuals around the world. They wanted to give fans an avenue to express their emotions and encouragement to learn, grow and change. To commemorate this motivation and let their fans’ stories live on, sosaveme is opening their website as a forum. They encourage listeners to share their favorite shows, conversations, lyrics and related experiences there.

sosaveme will perform five last shows surrounding their home state of Michigan. In addition, sosaveme will post a documentary in March, chronicling their journey and showcasing the individuals they’ve met across the way. Everyone has a story – and they’re determined to tell as many as they can. Watch the documentary trailer here:


March 30th – Franklin, IN – The GearApril 5th – Owosso, MI – The Clearing (FINAL SHOWS)April 6th – Owosso, MI – The Clearing

Sosaveme is Nicholas Pidek (vocals/guitar), Justin Ozanich (guitar/aux perc), Austin Germain (bass) and Jon Moore (drums). Based in Owosso, Michigan, the four-piece formed in 2006 during high to create inspiring, convicting and passionate music to share with listeners. They’ve performed at high profile events including Big Ticket Festival, Ichthus Festival and Cornerstone. Their 5th release dropped in 2011, to critic and fan acclaim alike. Logon to to see the impact they’ve left on the indie music scene.



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