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Silence the Ocean is a tide on the rise. With key elements and all the basic parts filled, the band is ready to explore and achieve new levels. Changes resembles a lot of things that the band is doing, and from the progression of the album, will be doing. Breakdowns in the album are spread out enough to not sound cookie-cutter, while frontman Conner Newberry keeps the band grounded while letting others shine.
But if any track fell flat and put a sour note on the album, it was “Creations.” The beginning of the track is flat, weak and just not enough for what they wanted to achieve, but once the chorus and rest of the song kick in, it improves. The album does not stand out as a great album, but it is not horrible. It is the beginning of a band that knows what they want to achieve and is working towards that goal. Jump in the water now, before the flood hits and it gets crowded.