Just in time for Christmas, SEX, DRUGS AND SELF-CONTROL, the latest project by Gotee recording artist John Reuben, hits stores December 22.

For a few more short days, Gotee is offering a special Christmas deal at the official Gotee online store.  With any pre-order of SEX, DRUGS AND SELF-CONTROL for a special $7 price, you receive a free copy of Reuben’s 2007 CD Word of Mouth.

Produced with long time collaborator and drummer Seth Earnest, SEX, DRUGS AND SELF-CONTROL balances struggling with tough topics with simple observations of daily life.  Boasting a full lineup from Reuben’s home state Ohio, the album was written and recorded in his Columbus studio, all musicians (aside from an appearance from friends Deas Vail) are from, and all videos were created, there.

With live instruments and drum loops, Reuben achieves a sound that suggests the influence of artists like Beck and the Dust Brothers. His personality once again sets this album apart lyrically and brings it to life. At times broodingly dark and at other times the life of the party, SEX, DRUGS AND SELF-CONTROL gives listeners a glimpse of who he really is.

“My goals artistically are so intertwined with what I’m experiencing spiritually that it’s impossible to separate the two,” explains Reuben.  “I’m most creative when I feel close to the heart of God. It’s only then that certain spiritual disciplines seem freeing and inspiring instead of restricting. It’s only in that place that spiritual disciplines feel like an authentic expression instead of rigid censorship. In a lot of ways this record is a confession of faith and lack thereof.”

SEX, DRUGS AND SELF-CONTROL is available everywhere December 22, 2009, through Gotee Records.

Track listing:


Radio Makes You Lonely

Burn it Down

In the Air

Paranoid Schizophrenic Apocalyptic Whisper Kitten

Town Folk



No Be Nah

So Sexy For All the Right Reasons

Joyful Noise

CD Release tour dates:

12/31 – Columbus, OH

1/9 – Hickory, NC

1/10 – Huntersville, NC

1/13 – Peoria, IL

1/15 – Franklin, IN

1/21 – Akron, OH

1/23 – Brookville, PA




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