Shalshelet, the Foundation for New Jewish Music, is proud to announce the 2013 Fifth International Music Festival on February 16-17th is being held at Beth Torah Benny Rok Campus in North Miami Beach!


Shalshelet, the Foundation for New Jewish Music, is proud to announce that musical submissions for the 2013 Fifth International Festival, being held at the Beth Torah Benny Rok Campus in North Miami Beach on February 16-17th, are now officially open. The Shalshelet organization has been steadily growing since it’s beginnings, tallying a total of about 400 submissions last year, and has been held in various areas of the United States, with prior Festivals attracting skilled international composers from around the world, ranging from ages 17 to 87.

The beautiful concept behind Shalshelet’s creative process is that it allows musical composers to introduce new, unique melodies to traditional Jewish blessings that have been around for centuries. Shalshelet allows individuals with a passion for music to foster their abilities by submitting their own tunes in singular form; one that has never before been heard or shared among congregations. Composer honorees are given the opportunity not only to share their music by performing at the Festival, but also to participate in workshops with other music lovers from diverse communities and traditions, and to celebrate the joy of music. The workshops allow performers, musicians, and music enthusiasts to explore the process of choosing a text and composing a new melody, comparing different ways of setting the same passage to music, and hearing melodies for less commonly sung texts.

Song books and CDs based on winning submissions from the selected Festival Honorees are then distributed to cantors around the globe, who teach their congregations this new form of music. To hear sample tracks and more information on Shalshelet, please visit the website: To view previous Festival performances, please visit: For press inquiries or sample CD/music book requests, please contact or call 305-490-5911.

About Shalshelet:

The mission of Shalshelet is to enhance spirituality and build community through the creation and dissemination of  ancient Jewish music. The Foundation believes that these songs have the power to link Jews, affiliated and unaffiliated, across all denominations and can provide fresh insight and depth, enriching the spiritual lives of Jews and non-Jews alike. The objective of Shalshelet is to unearth and encourage the creation of these melodies and bring awareness on an international scale. The common tie of ancient music will link Jews in a broader and deeper sense of community, and will enhance the vibrancy of the Jewish people. Shalshelet is entirely volunteer-led by its dedicated board of directors, a distinguished advisory board and other supporters lending their time and professional expertise to this innovative project.


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