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RYFO Year-in-review 2012
What has God done this year?!
Quite a bit – in and through the lives of our network members. We want to share some of their stories with you!
Lubs Family Testimony
“With the stay of The Wedding a few days ago, we have officially host 100 different people, 20different bands, for 45 nights, totalling 230individual stays and have served a grand total of492 RYFO meals in our home in the past 18 months! I can’t imagine our lives without RYFO…the relationships are truly priceless!”
Bev Lubs, Indiana
Lubs Family
Non-Profit Status?!
Please consider making a personal gift this year-end to support the mission of our organization and staff. We know you have many options, and are grateful for your consideration. We seek to raise $2,500 to obtain independent non-profit status. This is the next step for RYFO as we aim to make the Good News of Jesus’ love unavoidable in the music community.

RYFO NETWORK is a DBA of Cornerstone Community Church of San Clemente, Calif.
All gifts are tax-deductible.


7eventh TIme Down – Photo courtesy of Lonnie Hamman

Countless stories and testimonies
Here are just a few examples from throughout this year of how RYFO has begun making the Good News of Jesus’ love unavoidable in the music community.
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“@RYFONETWORK is probably the best thing that’s ever happened to touring artists.” @LeviThePoet

“Thank you @RYFONETWORK for making me a Mom many times over and for more love than I could ever hold in my heart!” @RunToLove

“If you’ve never heard abut the @RYFONETWORK I definitely suggest you look it up . It’s honestly one of the dopest ministries I’ve seen” @P2dahi

“Thanks to @ryfonetwork we have somewhere to stay tonight :)” @LeadersMetal

“Happy Mothers Day to all the moms in our lives, especially @ryfonetwork moms! Thank you for all you do. We truly love and appreciate you!” @WCSideshow

“Quick shout-out to our friends @ryfonetwork who help us with host homes on tour. We are staying w/ an awesome family tonight in OH.” @Willet

“Special thanks to @RYFONETWORK for coming out and blessing us last night. Booyah! #vivanickgreenwood” @ALottAMatteo

“@RYFONETWORK love you all. Thanks for everything you do. God bless!” @BandMirrors

“Using @ryfonetwork to set up host homes on this 2 month tour w/ Family Force 5 & Disciple. #TheChurch” @JeremyWillet

“I absolutely love my @RYFONETWORK family. So blessed to be a part of this ministry. #HarpandLyre #Bulletforprettyboypic.twitter.com/djWNDWGX ” @NickLubs

“@RYFONETWORK thank you for your heart and to every one that is a part of RYFO” @Razzbarry1

“If you havent, be sure to check out the ministry behind @RYFONETWORK! I just registered today…no idea why it took me so long” @muzikmantim
“I just wanted to say what a huge help RYFO has been to us already. We’ve covered three nights on our tour, and have gotten a response from every host we’ve contacted. This has been huge for us.” – Luke, Me Like Bees

“For three of the last four years, I have spent Thanksgiving away from home, on the road with a rock band. And while that is a sacrifice I am more than happy to make, the hope that we are doing a little bit of good in the world still can’t replace the comfort of being with family, sitting around a table full of warm food, being reminded of the love that surrounds you. As I write this, I’m in Denver, far from my Texas home. We drove through the night last night, and couldn’t be more exhausted. But to contrast the usual tour atmosphere, there is a sense of excitement in the air. We’re at our cleanest (still a bit short of “clean”), we’re donning our tattered, but nicest clothes, and we are impatiently waiting for the Thanksgiving dinner that is being prepared for us by the RYFO family we’re staying with. We may not have much to our names. But tonight, thanks to RYFO, we have family. And there’s plenty to be thankful for.” – David Denison, Mike Mains & The Branches

“As a new RYFO artist we’re still experiencing the high we get off of waking up to a homemade breakfast while on tour, the love and care that rivals our own families back home, and friendships that extend beyond the night or two we spend in a host home. We hope this high never wears off, and that we never take these blessings for granted. Having someone to pray for us, a home to sleep in, and major hospitality, always makes us feel as if we’re being put up like kings. It’s incredibly humbling, and at the same time brilliantly fulfilling. RYFO has blessed us, equipped us, and refueled us while on tour; and we hope to continue to feel love like that for a long, long time.” – Kevin McClure, Unscene Patrol
Host Homes
“Our family is fortunate to have been able to host almost 40 different bands and artists, opened our doors for a total of 64 stays and met 150 people from across the U.S. that we now consider friends. I am thankful to have been a part of RYFO and that we have been able to be the hands and feet of Christ for these touring artists.”
– Tabby Heemstra, Indiana

“I don’t even remember when I first noticed. But at some point I remember saying to God, “I’m seeing a well-planned, well-orchestrated attempt by your enemy to grab a whole generation—those in their 20s now–plus the one after them, in their teens. I know you won’t let this go unchallenged, but show me what you’re doing about it!” Time passed and I kept asking. Then one day I was watching a Christian music video on TV, and suddenly I realized that what I was seeing in the singer’s eyes was brokenness. I said, “That’s it. You’re raising up an army of ‘broken warriors’ to reach their own generation.” I kept watching videos and shows of contemporary and alternative Christian bands, and listening to their lyrics. Hearing how hard their lives can be. The loneliness, the longing for God, the excitement, the passion for their work, the pain of being misjudged by the church, the closeness within their bands, the loss of friendships–even of spouses–to the life. And I gradually realized that God was calling me, not per se to the generations that are under attack, but to those who are reaching out to them. To support, love on, and serve his kids, not as an “authority” like when my husband and I advised young adult groups before, but as an equal, just walking through life with my family—his family. And it is his ministry, to his kids. He has claimed it, and he controls it; and I wouldn’t have it any other way! A few years ago, a mature, godly friend said to my husband and me, “Find what makes your heart sing, and pursue that.” Appropriate, don’t you think?” – Nita Kellner, Virginia


Tigerwine 2020

A Disparate Vintage

On Tigerwine's latest, 'Nothing is for You,' vocalist and lyricist Trobee departs from the band's last effort as a concept record to write about an array subjects. Notably, Trobee tackles his evolution from rigid belief system to an acceptance and understanding of other ideas: "Through touring and becoming close with those very people I was taught to be afraid of, I realized how untrue it all is."


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Comrades 2020

Becoming Comrades

The trio of Comrades – husband and wife Joe and Laura McElroy alongside drummer John Gaskil – is used to living in a van and touring the country. Now, their new normal has provided them with a moment to "be adults" for once. We recently sat down with the McElroys to talk more about the spiritual reality within life, how soon they'll be able to release new music, and how koalas are their new normal.


Photo by Quinsey Sablan

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My Epic performing their last final show before COVID-19

Between the White Noise

My Epic's last full-length album came out in 2013; despite a number of EPs along the way, the band's dedication to their craft, lyrical approach, and unyielding approach to let the music come naturally has made them critical darlings. Now, they're learning to interact and feed a rabid fanbase in between albums and in a new normal.


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