Name 3 bands that, had they not released a certain album at a certain time … and you would not exist as a band.
Forever Changed: Need to Feel Alive
Further Seems Forever: Hide Nothing
Emery: The Weak’s End

If there wasn’t music, what skills would your members use and what would they do?
Ben: Professional beard model
Eddie: Mountain Climber
Trey: Artist
Cody: Insurance Sales Man

When asked to describe your band by comparing yourself to others (the dreaded “Recommended if you like” question), who would you list?
Beyonce, Blackeyed Peas- just kidding…Thrice, Foo Fighters, Incubus, Emery, Anberlin

What’s a secret or little-known fact about your band (or one of your band members) that would make you the darlings of the music world if we all knew it?
Trey & Cody are single…Ben & Eddie just have cute kids…but not together 🙂

If there was another band and another album that you could give everyone as a present for Christmas, what album would that be? Why?
House of Heroes: The End is Not the End – I keep coming back to the creativity & cleaver lyrics.  We got to share a stage with them at LifeLight festival in South Dakota this summer…awesome guys and they sound as great live as the cd.

What is one belief, conviction, idea, or passion that you honestly think might’ve been deposited inside you or given to you by God?
We have been seriously chasing after the Holy Spirit this Summer.  Everywhere we turn God has been teaching us about his Spirit.  From the Book of Acts that our small group has been studying, to Mark Batterson’s “Wild Goose Chase”, to Francis Chan’s new book called “Forgotten God”; we can’t seem to get away from the Spirit…not that we’re complaining.  I think if we all learned to listen to and live by the power of the Spirit then “Christians” wouldn’t have such a bad name in the world.  Somewhere along the lines we (Christianity) started trying to live life in the name of Christ instead of with in Christ.  There is a big difference between the two.  Anyone can call themselves a Christian…few actually follow Jesus.

What’s one of the most memorable things (either good, bad, or funny) that’s happened at one of your shows?
We’ve had a couple this year.  I (Eddie) nailed Ben in the neck with my bass last spring in the middle of a song, somehow he kept going.  Cody was doing a guitar throw at Lifelight Festival and broke a strap…you can imagine how that turned out!

If you had a chance to perform for most of the televised world and play just one song, which song would you play … and why?
We have a brand new song called “Grey”.  It’s the song that shows where we’ve come from and where we’re going musically…and it has a message that everyone needs to hear. I actually wrote the song about a relationship gone bad. One party is all in and the other is neither in or out…”Grey”. This can also be applied to a generation that has not necessarily rejected Jesus but doesn’t 100% follow Him either….neither hot nor cold….black or white.

If a super surgeon removed all of your emotions and the ability to feel any emotion for the rest of your life, which one or ones would you most want to have back? Why?
Love: because God is love and without it none of the other emotions really seem to matter…

If you could ask God one question, what would you ask Him?
What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?  Or who were the Nephilim in Genesis 6 really?

What’s the best video on youtube (like, if our readers had to type in a word or a few to search it, what would the keywords be?)??

If someone came to you and said, “Hey! I need to make some changes in my life…Help me out! I’m going to take one piece of advice from you and apply it to my life and/or make it a habit for 30 days. What would that piece of advice be?”
Spend time with God daily, taking more time to listen than to talk.

In 4 sentences or less, explain how your band came to exist. (and give us a date)
Ben and I (Eddie) were asked by a guy at our church to get together for a men’s retreat in early ’07 to play some music.  We started working on a strange mix of music including secular & Christian songs.  Shortly there after we started creating original music, almost unexpectedly we got such a great response, that we just kept going.  We’ve had some line-up changes along the way, & we never intended things to go like this but God keeps putting opportunities in front of us: we think it’s our job to say yes to Him.

What are your names, instruments, album titles (or song titles if no albumsLitt recorded), and location/hometown.
Ben Fontenot: lead vocals, guitars (Spring, TX)
Eddie Boyer: vocals, bass guitar (The Woodlands, TX)
Trey Timmerman: drums (Spring, TX)
Cody Stokes: vocals, guitars (Baytown, TX)

Album: Time For Change

What is the release date of your next (or latest) album? Or what is the next big date on your band’s calendar?
We’re hoping to begin work on a new album next Spring.  That’s one of the hardest parts about being independent- it’s hard to get the funds to keep everything going much less do some recording.  It was pretty great to play at a festival and have people ask when we were going to do a new album!

What’s one question you’d always wanted to be asked in an interview? (and please provide your answer)
Hum…never really thought about that one. Maybe….”Who is your favorite super hero”? I would have to say Batman….he has such a cool belt! –Ben

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