Black Friday / Weekend shopping special

This weekend we want to extend an amazing offer to help you fulfill all of your Christmas shopping needs.  This weekend, starting this Friday (12am, Nov. 26th) through Sunday evening (11:59pm, Nov. 28th) everything on our store will be 25% off!  That’s right, 25% off of pro-life t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, zip-up hoodies, military caps, bumperstickers, buttons, etc., etc.  You will need the special coupon code “blackfriday” at checkout for the discount.
This Friday morning, instead of waking up at some insane hour, freezing in long lines outside, getting trampled on while scrambling for coveted items you can wake up at your leisure, log onto the Rock For Life webstore, order everything you need for your loved ones, get a nice discount while supporting the pro-life cause.  How cool is that?!!?
So go to now, start putting your list together and place your order sometime between this Friday morning (12am, Nov. 26th) and Sunday (Nov. 28th) at 11:59 pm.  Don’t forget your coupon code! “blackfriday”
Take Action – Stand With Carleton University Students
On October 4th four students were arrested on their campus at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada simply for holding graphic signs of human injustice. The students were arrested for trespassing and received a fine. Now the student group has been informed by the Student Association that they either renounce their pro-life belief or lose their campus status entirely! Even more incredibly insane is the fact that the Student Association is citing their “non-discrimination” policy which upholds a “woman’s right to choose.” So, if you oppose a mother’s ability to abort her own child you are discriminated against based on the non-discrimination policy? Did your head just spin completely around? The pro-life student group on campus, Carleton Lifeline needs your help. They can not loose their student group status or their pro-life work (the only lifeline to many young, scared pregnant moms on campus at Carleton) will be greatly diminished. Here is what you can do to support their work:
  1. Pray for them – pray that the Student Association has a change of heart and that the school chancellor has a change of heart as well
  2. Learn more – don’t take my word at it, go here to find out more information, listen to an interview of one of the students who were arrested and watch a video of them being arrested
  3. Contact their school chancellor – do so respectfully but let them know how ridiculous this is. Click here for name and contact info
  4. Sign a petition – join others in demanding an end to the discrimination. Again, to sign it click here
Rock For Life has joined a few other pro-life and pro-life youth organizations to Stand With Carleton! A Pro-Life Student group should not be discriminated against and shut down while trying to educate their own peers to the greatest injustice of all time – abortion! Stand with Carleton! Stand for Human Rights for All! Please spread the word, thanks!
What do you think? Join the discussion…
Showbread – Pro-Life Song & CD Review
I was really excited to learn that Showbread was coming out with a new CD (Who Can Know It?). So as soon as I got a chance I downloaded it from Come&Live. The first song, A Man With A Hammer hits you, well, LIKE A HAMMER! It is powerful! I call it pro-life not because it mentions abortion in the song, but because it has a message – a powerful message. God’s love for you is so deep, so incomprehensible it doesn’t matter what you have done in life (murder, rape, adultery, abortion, etc., etc) He loves you and will set you free!
To read the rest of our review of A Man With A Hammer, click here.  To read our review of Showbread’s latest CD, Who Can Know It? click here.
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