Rhett Walker BandCOME TO THE RIVER Album Cover
Core Theme of “Grace With A Calling”
Paired with a Contagious Southern Infused Rock Sound Causing Early Buzz
First Single ‘When Mercy Found Me’ Impacting Radio
Late April Confirmed for Multiple Summer Festivals and Kutless Fall Tour
Making the familiar seem unique might be the most challenging task in popular music today.  So many overexposed styles of music merged with so many similar stories, artists are challenged in breaking through the traffic.  Rhett Walker Band
is breaking through with its signature Southern infused rock songs permeated by themes of
grace and redemption and Rhett’s unique personal story on its Essential Records debut
Come To The River due out July 10.
Rhett Walker’s story contains familiar refrains: grow up a preacher’s son frequently on the move, rebel against both God and family simultaneously, experience young parenthood and marriage, and through those experiences was led back to a steady path filled with a renewed determination to do what is right; a direct reflection of God’s mercy and what Rhett refers to as
“grace with a calling.”
Meld the story with a musical curiosity sweeping across a number of genres, blend it with experiences as a worship leader, find creative partners like producer Paul Moak (Third Day, Matt Maher, Dave Barnes, Mat Kearney) to help bring original thoughts into focus, and you have a powerful debut project.
The full sense of the power of Rhett Walker Band is evident with a listen to the soaring “When Mercy Found Me; a song that radio could get used to fast across multiple formats.
“That’s the one song on the record that showcases most everything about me, and it just about whooped us,” Rhett admits. “It’s radio friendly, but there’s an edge, and it doesn’t shy away from my story. That old life just about broke me . . . this is my testimony.”
Walker’s no-nonsense personal narrative is clearly infused with grace, a thread that runs throughout Come To The River. “There’s just nothing we can do without grace; we’re all dirty, messed up people, but Christ still loves us,” Walker says. “So there are two things we must do.  One: rejoice, because now we have a purpose on this earth—to share that grace with others.  Two: take up the calling.  You can’t just take that love and not tell the story that goes with it.”
With a solid sense of purpose intact, it’s no surprise that promoters are already buzzing about this band and its music.
“There’s something raw and honest about Rhett Walker Band.  That’s the first feeling I got after my first listen.  I then listened again, and again, and then again.  I then contacted my ‘inner circle’ of friends and told them to be on the lookout for Rhett Walker Band.  I even pulled a dad away from his daughter’s birthday party just so I could play him a song in my car.  He loved what he heard, and then we returned to the party for cake.  Rhett Walker Band will be on my ‘Favorite Artist’ list for 2012,” shares Corey Mann Pulse FM / World Pulse Festival South Bend, In.; a passionate champion of the band.
“Rhett’s distinctive voice does a great job carrying both anthemic/rocker as well as powerfully moving ballads. This will make for an excellent live show, and the lyrics are right on.” notes Bob Thompson, President of the Christian Festival Association.
Having secured management and booking (Patton House Entertainment and Jeff Roberts & Associates, respectively) Rhett Walker Band is already confirmed for summer festivals including Rock The Universe, Ichthus Festival, World Pulse Festival, Rock The Desert, LIFEST and Kingdom Bound and the Kutless fall tour.  (Kutless tour dates and markets forthcoming.)
About Rhett Walker Band:
Rhett Walker realized early on his need for mercy and redemption. Owning up to life’s challenges and fully embracing God’s grace, his personal trials forged in him a forthright nature in both life and music.  Rhett Walker Band’s debut Come To The River, featuring the powerful single “When Mercy Found Me,crackles with the musical energy of Walker’s native South and bold themes of “grace with a calling” translated through songs reflecting a reverence for God, family and country that are both personal and universal.
Along with band mates Kenny Davis (drums) and Joe Kane (guitar) plus leading studio players Jerry McPherson (The Civil Wars) and Tony Lucido (Kelly Clarkson) on guitar and bass
respectively, Walker presents ten tracks with equal measures of muscle and beauty on
Come To The River slated for release on July 10.


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