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Revival Hymns

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Revival Hymns doesn’t say a lot, and they don’t need to. Their record, Pauhu, is a speak-softly-carry-a-big-stick kind of thing. If you’re a fan of My Epic’s latest, Behold, you’ll love this brand of shoegazer rock that turns into a fiery pit when agitated.

It’s truly an epic ride. Unlike a lot of metal whose goal — with good reason — is fast, heavy and unapologetic, Revival Hymns asks you to come in and listen and experience their music as they create it for you.

Like drinking a good wine, savor this record and you’ll enjoy it more. Don’t put it on in the car unless you’re driving that car on a road trip spirit quest. Don’t slam it down your throat in the car on the way to soccer practice. Put it on vinyl and listen to it in your living room while your significant other is reading a book and you’re not allowed to listen to anything “too heavy” right now. The joke’s on them: It’s an ethereal weight you’ll want to carry.