Today, HM is proud to premiere the sophomore EP from Fault Lines, Such is Life. (The band released 2151 in mid-2014.) The Chattanooga, TN-based metalcore act has been around since 2013, working towards writing and recording this collection of songs for release. The release is scheduled for tomorrow, Jan. 26. The title single, “Equal Parts,” was released last week and features Silent Planet vocalist Garrett Russell.

Vocalist Corey Pettit spoke with HM about the six-song EP:

“We are proud to be releasing our sophomore EP, Such is Life, to everyone who’s been a fan of this band and anyone stumbling across us through the airwaves. This release does a lot more to speak for who we are as a band, much more than our first EP, 2151, which, admittedly, was much more reserved than Such is Life.

“These six tracks are our attempt to speak clearly about issues from a human level. Humanity is rough, it is ugly, it is uncertain and I’m sure a lot of the things that we’ve written about lyrically will strike a few chords — addiction, anxiety, depression, to name a few. We hope the music incorporates everything people knew about us musically prior to this album, and some new aspects you haven’t seen from us yet. We hope you find a connection through our music. This is Such Is Life.”

The album was mixed and master by Jonathan Roach and can be picked up from iTunes starting tomorrow.

Fault Lines - Such is Life


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