Next week (30 July -5 August) I and several other Christians will be going to Wacken Open Air (Germany) which is the Biggest Metal Festival in the world with over 80 000 metalheads gathered!

Wacken is the Mecka of Metal and the key to the metal world! Therefore this outreach is very important since metalheads are coming form all over the world for this festival. After this festival people will go home and bring the metal bibles and the news about it back to their home countries and then the interest for the metal bible will reallly explode. Lots of people will then be interested in it and through it they will find Christ. Amen. So this outreach is very important and we REALLY need your PRAYER SUPPORT for it!

We will go there and bring 20 000 Metal Bibles

with us that will be given away for free for anyone that is interested.

We will not just hand them out to anyone however, but instead we put up signs with the text “Feel free to take a Metal Bible”.

Then all interested can come and pick up a copy of the Metal Bible and take it with them home. So it’s always their initiative.

Pray that God will bless this outreach and that many

will take the metal bibles and through them find Christ. Pray that the

metal bibles will break down misconceptions and help many to realize what

real Christianity is all about. Pray that God’s Spirit will touch people and give them an opened mind so they can receive the message of Christ. Pray that God will draw people that are open for Jesus to the metal bible booths.

Besides the metal bible outreach, plenty of t-shirts, posters etc will also be sold at my booth on the festival. Play that God will ministers through these things and use them as a tool to expand God’s kingdom.

The Satanic bands Dark Funeral, Dimmu Borgir and Watain  will

play on the festival and our enemy Satan is not happy that we are there.

Pray therefore in the mighty name of JESUS (Philippians 2:9-11) that God

will protect us with the blood of Jesus and everything we have from all evil. Pray that God will

clearly show everyone on the festival that He has the Power and that He is

the One that truly rules. .

Pray that God will give us wisdom to say and do the right things, so the

love of Jesus really can shine through us. Pray that God will send angels

to guard and watch over us and everything we have. Pray that God will use

us there and give us the right words to say. Pray that we will meet many

people there that are open for Jesus and that we will be good, wise

ambassadors of Christ Jesus. Pray that God will use us to be lights in the

darkness and that this outreach will be everything God wants it to be and

that God will be glorified through it.

The festival takes place 2-4 August but we will start the outreach already on July the 30th. More info about the festival can be found at

and more info about the Metal Bible can be found at

Thank you so much for backing us up in prayer! We really need it and your

prayers means more than words can say.

In His Service

Johannes Jonsson

PS:  Please spread this mail to as many prayer warriors you know all around the globe.


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