Pope Francis continues making history as one of the coolest popes. As explained in an interview last month with Rolling Stone, the 266th leader of the Roman Catholic Church and the people at Believe Digital understand that messages of universal importance are best revealed through music. This is evident in his new single “¿Por qué sufren los ninos?”

This is the second song released from the Pope Francis’ upcoming album, Wake Up! due November 27th. Each of the album’s 11 tracks feature lengthy excerpts of speeches and prayers given by His Holiness in several different languages. The musical compositions are provided by Italian musicians Tony Pagliuca of the 70s prog-rock band Le Orme and Don Giulio.

While the debut track carries a heavy progressive rock vibe, “¿Por qué sufren los ninos?” sounds closer to what you might expect: epic strings, angelic singers and a speech in Spanish.

The album is currently available for preorder on CD and iTunes.


Wake Up!

01 Annuntio Vobis Gadium Mangum
02 Salve Regina
03 Laudato Sie…
04 Poe Que’ Sufren Los Ninos
05 Non Lasciatevi Rubare La Speranza!
06 La Iglesia No Puede Ser Una Ong!
07 Wake Up! Go! Go! Forward!
08 La Fa Es Entera, No Se Licua!
09 Pace! Fratelli!
10 Per La Famiglia
11 Fazei O Que Ele Vos Disser