PHM Sampler (600)

Persistent Heart Media Releases FREE Summer 2012 Sampler

Persistent Heart Media has released a FREE twenty-five track sampler that features selected artists from the Persistent Heart Media family. The album cover was designed by Axis Design who does logos, cover art, business cards, and fliers. The sampler may be downloaded HERE.


1. “Birthmark” by Breather

2. “Bedfellow” by Elenora

3. “Burn Alive” by Apparitions

4. “Carrier” by Wealth In Water

5. “Nuclear Towns” by Icarus The Owl

6. “Fuse” by Shining Through

7. “Shiny and New” by Feel Good!

8. “Seemingly Perfect” by Vice On Victory

9. “Beauty Is So Ugly” by Scream Out Loud

10. “We Dreamt of the End” by Years In The Making

11. “The Human Condition” by A Tragedy In Progress

12. “Lay Down Your Guns” by Drayton Sawyer


14. “Swampwitch” by Aether Realm

15. “Your Favorite Ride Is In An Ambulance” by Sky Came Burning

16. “Give It Up” by Dismember The Fallen

17. “Preface” by Words Like Daggers

18. “Arma Lucis” by With Shaking Hands

19. “The Key To Change” by Voices & Vessels

20. “Finders” by Us, Ghosts

21. “Horcrux” by Honour Crest

22. “Hopjacks” by This Day Will Tell

23. “Gallows” by At War With Giants

24. “You Really Dicked Yourself Into This One” by Handsome Foxes

25. “The Improbable” by Alistair Hennessey

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