“Greetings from London!”
The atmosphere here in the air is electric! Hopefully, you have been able to watch some of the sporting events and are enjoying the Olympic Games.
There are many reports coming in from different teams who are involved with this Olympic outreach of God moving and people responding to the Good News of Jesus. This is incredible news as teams are working with local Churches for the follow-up to these decisions and prayers.
One group reported that in 17 hrs. they have seen 129 people make decisions to follow Jesus and 52 healings!
More news will come later………
Another band that we are hosting is an American band called “WILLET”. They arrive on Tuesday morning at 06:35 and will “hit the ground running”.
Here is their schedule:
TUESDAY, AUGUST 7………Radio Interview at 12:00
“Underbelly” Club at 22:30 (10:30pm)
WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 8…..Oxford Circus………12:00…….45 minute set
14:00 (2:00pm)…….45 minute set
This outdoor stage is located next door to the BBC Radio Building
THURSDAY, AUGUST 9…….”Tourist Day”
Many sites and places to see in this incredible city!
FRIDAY, AUGUST 10……..St. John Strafford……..14:00 (2:00pm)…..30 minute set
17:00 (5:00pm)…..45 minute set
20:00 (8:00pm)…..45 minute set
This concert is near where the Olympic Village is located and the bands will be playing on an outside stage where many people will be passing by.
SATURDAY, AUGUST 11………”Family Fun Day” in the Park…….16:45 (4:45pm)……..45 minute set
This event will be hosted by First Nazarene Church as an outreach to their community where many immigrants live and visit the park……….food, and all kinds of activities.
We are waiting to hear back from “Proud Camden” This club is located in the Camden area which is popular with tourists for SUNDAY, AUGUST 12.
The band flies back to America on MONDAY, AUGUST 13
Check the band out at: www.willetonline.com
It will be wild and crazy for transporting the band around. Most of the time, we will be on the different Underground Train lines where thousands of people who will be “on board”.
Thanks for your prayers and God bless,
Gary & Ineta


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