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Did you ever get that feeling, when you’re listening to something new, that you could see your kids rocking out to it? That’s the feeling I get when listening to No Lost Cause’s EP NLC. It is so tame – so safe – it’s just another romp down an already-traveled road. No Lost Cause is quite capable of being either punk or ska, but as they blend the two together – which, to their credit, they do well – it becomes watered down on both sides. The songs are quasi-catchy and they’re executed well; however, there isn’t a good reason to listen to the record more than once. Vocally, they underuse harmonies; when they do use them, it’s magical for that split second –w which gives me some hope – only it’s immediately lost again when they stop. Unfortunately, the vocals, at times, are pitchy, verging on sophomoric. NLC is a weak effort, but it does show a few signs of hope – not a lost cause completely.