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Listening to NewWorldSon is like traveling through music history in a time machine. That vibe comes through bold and beautifully during Rebel Transmission once a Motown beat kicks in during “Homeless Child” or as Chicago-meets-Earth, Wind & Fire at “Shake Holy Spirit.” The Bible speaks about making a joyful noise unto the Lord, but many modern acts only get the ‘noise’ aspect correct, while completely missing the whole ‘joyful’ part. Yet the rollicking church piano that matches wits with rockabilly guitar to create “Selah,” fills this particular track with joy overflowing. The thumping soul groove of “Son of Man” just makes it abundantly clear that these blues brothers know how to get the job done. When they slow things down with “Southern Cross,” it creates a beautiful change of pace, as well as a chance for the listener to catch his/her breath. The good feelings come through loud and clear, again and again, on Rebel Transmission.

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