Project 86 News
This will be a good summer for fans of PROJECT 86 who will be treated to the band’s newest full-length album PICKET FENCE CARTEL, slated for release on July 14, 2009 via Tooth and Nail. If that’s not enough, the boys are also going to be hitting the road with Haste the Day and The Chariot on the Scream the Prayer tour. Their seventh full length album, Picket Fence Cartel sees Project 86 returning to their aggressive roots while also taking more chances musically. From the dual guitar melodies of “The Butcher” to the harmony background vocals of “Cyclonus,” Project 86 and co-producers Ulrich Wild (Deftones,Bleeding Through) and Jason Martin (Starflyer 59, Neon Horse) have not changed the band’s sound but simply expanded on what’s been an evolving means of expression. “We like to push ourselves to reinvent and evolve musically while still retaining the P86 thumbprint or else the process gets stale,” says vocalist/guitarist Andrew Schwab. “We feel like this project embodies multiple facets of the P86 sound utilizing synths, keyboards and melody against a backdrop of our more brutal side.” In their thirteen years of existence, Project 86 have never failed to be just as expressive lyrically as musically and Picket Fence Cartel is no exception. “The image we saw with the record was one of power and irony: that many people who are in a position of power in our culture–religious, political, or in business–rely on a shiny public image to broker their power base,” says Schwab. “The irony is that power and purity usually do not go hand in hand–most human beings were not meant to handle fame and fortune, and usually fame and fortune itself destroy us.” Songs like “The Butcher”, “Dark Angel Dragnet” and “To Sand We Return” tie together the ideas of the entire record and reinforce Project 86’s ability to write albums that are a cohesive unit rather than a compilation of individual songs. The Scream the Prayer tour which begins June 26th in Louisville, KY, will see the band move Eastward as far as Poughkeepsie, NY then turn around, combing the Northern United States until they hit the West Coast in the second week of July. After once again heading South towards San Diego, the band will head Eastward hitting all the southern tour markets before arriving at New York City’s Blender Theatre on July 31st. The band will be performing a few tracks from the new album prior to the album release on July 14th and then adding even more to the live show afterwards.
To hear their latest single entitled “The Butcher”, visit:

Megadeth Announce ENDGAME as Title of New Album
Heavy metal institution Megadeth have announced ENDGAME as the title of their twelfth studio album. The album is expected to be released in September through Roadrunner Records. It was recorded at the band’s brand new, self-built studio, Vic’s Garage, located near San Diego and named after the legendary and iconic Vic Rattlehead character. ENDGAME is being produced by Andy Sneap and Dave Mustaine. Sneap also manned the boards for 2007’s United Abominations. Some track titles include “Headcrusher,” “1,320,’” “How the Story Ends” and “This Day We Fight!” ENDGAME boasts the technicality, ferocity and snarl that’s synonymous with Megadeth and Mustaine. It’s a violent masterwork that represents Mustaine’s best work in nearly two decades. In a musical world dominated by bands that make generic, blanket statements, ENDGAME finds Mustaine, once again, making informed and substantial lyrical declarations about the state of the world we live in. Mustaine himself commented on ENDGAME, saying, “Thematically, I’ve never been known to be a silent bystander in a world that needs our participation. As more is revealed about our former President’s legacy, a little-known yet staggeringly frightening document which was signed into law, named ‘ENDGAME,’ has been uncovered. The album ‘ENDGAME’ is the most energetic music offering I have penned in over a decade and is far more believable than knowing someone signed ‘ENDGAME’ -the document- into law.” In short, it’s the Megadeth record that fans of classics like So Far…So Good…So What? and Rust in Peace have been chomping at the bit for. “This new album is my proudest moment since the famous (or infamous) Rust in Peace album,” Mustaine also said. “With this album, I am also very excited to be introducing my new lead guitarist Chris Broderick to the world. I have always felt lucky to have had top shredders in that position, but after touring with Chris in support of my last album, I couldn’t wait to get into the studio and see what he could do.” Megadeth’s lineup consists of Mustaine, Broderick, bassist James LoMenzo and drummer Shawn Drover. Earlier this year, Mustaine was the recipient of the “Golden God Award” at the first ever Golden Gods Awards, presented by Revolver.

Dreamt Music Presents Abel
It is obvious that Abel, a three piece from Poughkeepsie, NY, live and breath music. From their soaring guitars to the dramatic progressions that inhabit their songs, Abel allows soulfulness to reign supreme. Writing from a profoundly compassionate place, the band creates music that is drenched in empathetic lyrics and infectious choruses. Abel has captured the heart of the indie movement by equipping the honesty in their creativity, and they are careful to let themselves be led by that honesty. They will be releasing a 5 song EP for the band titled The Honest Love very soon. Stay posted for a release date and more info and if you are going to Cornerstone Festival, make sure to check them out there!

Creed Plays AOL Live Sessions
Creed recently took a break from working on their new album to perform at AOL’s LA studios. . You can watch these live performances of Creed classics right now and get a first look at the band together again after nearly seven years! Make sure to leave your comments and add a rating. Then forward to a fellow fan so they can check it out too! Check out the videos here.

Dignan News
Dignan’s new album comes on out this Friday, June 26th. The album is titled “Cheaters & Thieves” and the packaging was designed by David Salinas at Enthos. You can pre-order their album here. The band is hitting the road for a 3 month tour after the CD release show on June 26 to support the new album. You can check out their new single called “Two Steps” on their myspace page.

Oceana Disbands
Oceana has announced that they have broken up via their myspace page:
Dear fans,
We know a lot of rumors have been circulating around about us. We’re sorry we left you hanging so long on this blog. But unfortunately the rumors are true. Oceana has broken up. We apologize to all of our fans. You are amazing and are the only ones who made this worth while. We love you. Thanks to everyone who picked up our new cd. We all put our heart and soul into birtheater and are very proud of the album.
This breakup has nothing to do with any one member. We’re all best friends and we all sat down and talked this through. It’s not that we are not happy with the response from the new album. We knew the change would be a bit rocky and our kind of music isn’t exactly whats popular right now. A lot of kids would rather listen to songs riddled with breakdowns and over auto-tuned vocals. That is exactly why we appreciate our fans so much, you guys aren’t just going with the trend. We all decided that our hearts were in different places at this time in our lives. We’re all young and we guarantee this won’t be the last you hear of us. Maybe you’ll get five new bands out of the deal. Again we apologize for letting anyone down and we hope you will all support us in our future endeavors. We love you all and thanks for making this amazing
Brennan, Alex, Denny, Jack, and Rob

Malus Clothing & As I Lay Dying Team Up
Specialty clothing line Malus Clothing has released a collaboration t-shirt with metal all-stars As I Lay Dying themed on the band’s last album An Ocean Between Us. The shirt is available currently for a one time only run on Malus’ website and can be ordered here. Hurry up and order, this is a “while supplies last” opportunity!
For more information about Malus Clothing and the company’s other outstanding items, please visit

Venia Releases New Album Soon
Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, VENIA has a positive, multi-faceted message that stands in stark contrast to the nature of many of their hardcore contemporaries. Following relentless touring nationwide and self-releasing their debut album in early 2008, the band drew the attention of Blood & Ink Records, who felt immediately they should work together. VENIA entered Studiotte (Comeback Kid, Saints Never Surrender, La Dispute) in Grand Rapids, Michigan during early 2009 to record their next effort, Frozen Hands. Packing their characteristic punch, the album also demonstrates VENIA’s constant progression as musicians, resulting in a pummeling, yet thought-provoking release with thematic threads running throughout the lyrics. Where their previous releases have turned people’s heads, Frozen Hands will grab their attention immediately.
For more information on their upcoming album, visit:
Tour Dates:
6/29 – Bushnell, IL
7/5 – Springfield, IL
7/7 – Camdenton, MO
7/8 – Joplin, MO
7/10 – Claremore, OK
7/11 – Waco, TX
7/12 – San Antonio, TX
7/13 – Abilene, TX
7/14 – Witchita, KS
7/15 – Belton, MO
7/16 – Spencer, IA
7/18 – Willmar, MN
7/19 – Buffalo, MN
8/15 – Minneapolis, MN

Bride News
Dale Thompson, lead singer of Bride, has posted some news on their upcoming album:
This week the CD goes into the mixing mode. What this entails is Tim Bushong will begin mixing the songs by interpreting our music and suggestions in hopes that he will arrive at a place with our songs where we can say “let’s go to the presses with it.” Tim mixes and when he thinks he is close he will MP3 us what he has. Troy and I will listen and scrutinize not only Tim’s mix but once again take a listen at our own performances. Troy and I knows what we want this CD to sound like and represent sound wise and Tim wants to make us happy. So it becomes a team effort to achieve the same goal. Tim will spend the entire week listening to the songs over and over again raising and lowering levels. His job really is to take all of this music and like a jig-saw puzzle put it together to create an audible picture that our audience is going to appreciate. Meanwhile, just like you guys, we sit and wait for those mixes to arrive. July 1st is the cut off date to donate to the project. In donating you will receive a link to a special secret Bride site where we have posted songs, videos and pictures. Plus you will be the first to receive Tsar Bomba signed by the band when it comes out in August. Here is the link that tells about how to get signed up.
“Give me eyes to see the invisible,
ears that can hear the inaudible,
and a mind that conceives
the inconceivable.” ~Author Calvin Miller~
In Christ Jesus,

Free Video Download From Seventh Day Slumber
Seventh Day Slumber’s new release, “Take Everything” is a beautiful, yet edgy collection of praise and worship songs. Visit to hear the music and buy at iTunes or Amazon MP3 now.
Check out a free video download of “Take Everything”, courtesy of Video Rocket here:

Nephesh Signs with Nokternal Hemizphear
Many of you have been waiting and wondering when and if Nokternal Hemizphear were going to bring forth any new creations on the NH label……enter Nephesh. Chiseled from brimstone with a pillar of fire, Nephesh arises from the abyssal equator after years of forging their tempered steel. Breathing life into a weathered metal art form, the best of black metal-esque surprises abound. With a sound larger than life and the ammo to back it up, Nephesh unfolds before us a darkened tapestry smeared black of war, desperation, fear, struggle, death, and triumph. To hell with the likes of Dimmu Borgir, Dark Funeral, and Deicide… enter the grandiose creative expressions of Nephesh. Solid craftsmanship, top-notch production, bold lyrical prose, inspiring epic proportions, and knock-out packaging, as expected from Nokternal Hemizphear, make “Inter Armas Silent Leges” the unsuspected release of 2009! Those who crave the symphonic metal exploits of Satyricon, Dimmu Borgir, Dark Funeral, Divine Symphony, Grave Declaration, Antestor, and Keep of Kalessin look no further. In the end, it is a matter of letting Nephesh do the growling… the result is assured. Nephesh will release their debut album “Inter Armas Silent Leges” on Nokternal Hemizphear in a late July – August timeframe. This will be an 8-panel jewel case release. The first 200 customers will receive a free 11 x 17 inch Nephesh poster with a purchase of the CD. Poster/CD offer is only available at and is exclusive to retail customers only.
For more information on Nephesh, visit:

Skillet’s New Album Out August 25th
On the heels of the most successful record of their career, Atlantic/Ardent/INO Records’ active rockers Skillet will end the nearly 3-year spans between projects with “AWAKE,” available in stores and at all online retailers on August 25th. Produced by Howard Benson, (Daughtry, My Chemical Romance, The All American Rejects), the project is available now for pre-order via the band’s official website. A variety of packages are being offered, pairing the album with such bonuses as an exclusive Skillet t-shirt, an autographed VIP pass, and membership in Skillet’s official fan club. All pre-orders of “AWAKE” come with an immediate download of “Hero.” Now, as they headline and are creating a big buzz at the summer Christian festivals with their ‘electric’ live show (see attached photo), Skillet prepares to unveil what lead-singer/bassist and primary songwriter John Cooper calls a “turning of a page” for the band. “This album is even more immediate than “Comatose,” but there’s also a noticeable maturity,” he says. “Some of the songs are complex, others are just really intense rockers and overall there’s a real sense that we’re opening a new chapter. There are definitely some classic rock elements on the record, some very melodic moments with orchestration and piano, along with a lot of today’s heavier rock influences as well. ” The first example is the hook-heavy lead single “Hero,” already climbing Christian CHR (#15) and Rock radio (#6) charts, and getting an excellent reception: “We’ve anxiously awaited a new song from Skillet for months and they’ve lived up to our lofty hopes,” commented WAY-FM’S Zach Boehm. “Our initial listener response has been great!” Other outpourings include the first Mainstream and Active Rock single “Monster,” the militant “It’s Not Me,” and the hopeful “Forgiven.” There are also a handful of gripping ballads and crossover songs like the loss-centered “Lucy,” the melodic “Don’t Wake Me” and “One Day Too Late.” “Never Surrender” came from a conversation with a fan about their eating disorder, and what is sure to become a live show favorite is the rocker “Awake & Alive.”


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