For Today Post New Song
For Today has teamed up with AltPress.com to debut a brand new song from their upcoming album Breaker. “The Advocate” is streaming now on AP’s website. For Today has some major touring plans. The dates are posted below for their cd release shows, The Anti-Hero Tour with Bleeding Through, and their European tour with Winds of Plague. The new album Breaker releases on August 31st.
Tour Dates:
8/26 – Monett, MO
8/27 – Sioux City, IA
8/28 – Buffalo, MN
8/28 – Buffalo, MN
8/29 – Fargo, ND
9/1 – Grand Junction, CO
9/2 – St George, UT
9/3 – West Hollywood, CA
9/4 – Riverside, CA
9/5 – Tempe, AZ
9/6 – Lubbock, TX
9/7 – Austin, TX
9/8 – Metairie, LA
9/9 – Birmingham, AL
9/10 – Augusta, GA
9/11 – St. Petersburg, FL
9/12 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
9/13 – Jacksonville, FL
9/14 – Douglasville, GA
9/15 – West Springfield, VA
9/16 – New York, NY
9/17 – Poughkeepsie, NY
9/18 – Acton, MA
9/19 – Lancaster, PA
9/20 – Clifton Park, NY
9/21 – Pittsburgh, PA
9/22 – Buffalo, NY
9/24 – Louisville, KY
9/25 – Covington, KY
9/26 – Nashville, TN
9/27 – Indianapolis, IN
9/28 – West Dundee, IL
9/29 – Iowa City, IA
10/1 – Oklahoma City, OK
10/2 – Wichita Falls, TX
10/3 – Colorado Springs, CO
11/4 – München, Germany
11/5 – Leipzig, Germany
11/6 – Karlsruhe, Germany
11/7 – Köln, Germany
11/8 – Norwich, UK
11/9 – Manchester, UK
11/10 – London, UK
11/11 – Nottingham, UK
11/12 – Newport, UK
11/13 – Plymouth, UK
11/14 – Hasselt, Belgium
11/15 – Aarau, Switzerland
11/16 – Wiesbaden, Germany
11/17 – Hamburg, Germany
11/18 – Berlin, Germany
11/19 – Vienna, Austria

Haste The Day To Headline
While currently conquering fans nightly on the Vans Warped Tour, metalcore titans HASTE THE DAY are announcing plans for a fall co-headlining tour with ENTER SHIKARI. Presented by Alternative Press, the ‘Destabilize North America’ Tour spans 40 days and 29 cities with support from SLEEPING WITH SIRENS, MSWHITE and LIGHTS GO BLUE. With five full-length albums totaling more than a quarter million records sold, HASTE THE DAY has become one of the most enduring and influential acts in the genre. Armed with highly talented new lineup, the band’s latest album, Attack of the Wolf King has reinvigorated the band’s fanbase, causing it to debut at #74 on the Billboard Top 200. In addition, the album has been praised by music critics with Exclaim! calling the album “Easily the band’s best work to date.” Alternative Press warned copycat acts to take note, saying, “This is how this shit is done.” Tastemaking site Absolute Punk exclaimed “With Attack of the Wolf King, HASTE THE DAY will silence the doubters.” In addition, numerous critics have hailed the album as one of the best releases of the year in its genre.
Tour Dates:
10/1 – Dallas, TX
10/3 – Metairie, LA
10/5 – Orlando, FL
10/6 – Ft Lauderdale, FL
10/8 – Tampa, FL
10/9 – Douglasville, GA
10/11 – Richmond, VA
10/12 – Baltimore, MD
10/13 – Philadelphia, PA
10/15 – New York, NY
10/16 – Providence, RI
10/17 – Montreal, QC
10/18 – Toronto, ON
10/20 – Pontiac, MI
10/21 – Cleveland, OH
10/22 – Chicago, IL
10/23 – St Paul, MN
10/24 – Winnipeg, MB
10/26 – Edmonton, AB
10/28 – Portland, OR
10/29 – Seattle, WA
11/1 – San Francisco, CA
11/2 – Orangevale, CA
11/4 – Hollywood, CA
11/5 – Anaheim, CA
11/6 – San Diego, CA
11/9 – Austin, TX
11/10 – San Antonio, TX

In The Midst Of Lions Release Debut
In the Midst of Lions released their Facedown debut album, The Heart of Man. The band have just finished up their stint on the Scream the Prayer Tour supporting the new album. You can purchase their debut album here.

Preview Of TDWP’s New Comic
AOL’s Comics Alliance just posted an absolutely awesome preview to the band’s upcoming release, “Zombie EP,” and the JL Bourne-written (”Day by Day Armageddon”), limited-edition, full-fledged, 14-page comic book called “ZOMBIE, The EP Comic,” that features the band members as five combat soldiers on a perilous, top-secret mission in a world infected by Zombies. “Zombie EP” will be released on August 24 (Ferret Music). Revolver cited the new music as “some of their heaviest music yet.”

EXIT: One Love For Chi Cheng
EXIT with Raul Ries will be coming to the Fairplex Pomona, Saturday, August 14 for an all day event, beginning with a free style motocross show with Metal Mulisha, followed by a rock star line-up which includes, Head (featuring Brian “Head” Welch, formerly of KoRn), Living Sacrifice, The Chariot, Secret & Whisper, ALLORNOTHING and The Rep. Raul Ries has been joined by his son, Ryan Ries, Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D. and Brian “Head” Welch in his quest to reach today’s lost and troubled youth. While Ryan grew up in the church, he chose the fast life of sex and drugs, in the lucrative skating industry. After many years of business and financial success, he found himself at the end of himself, with no hope. It was at this point that he followed in his father’s footsteps and turned his life around. Generations come and go, each group searching, while experiencing life’s struggles. Today, we see a generation running after sex, drugs and violence, unlike any other time in history. The EXIT team not only understands their struggles but, has come up out of them to find peace and hope in Jesus Christ. The musicians, street artists and actions sports riders who have come together for EXIT have all come from similar backgrounds to the younger Ries. They have all had worldly success with fame and fortune but have all found the emptiness that comes from such a lifestyle. They share a common desire to reach a generation consumed by sex, drugs and violence; a lifestyle that will eventually end in destruction — teaching them how to express their individuality, while still living a life of peace.
This EXIT is focused on raising awareness and support for Chi Cheng from the Deftones, who has been in a coma since November 2008.
EXIT team member, Sonny sums up the vision of EXIT, “I have seen a lot of lost kids in my 16 years of being in the music industry. Today’s youth have been neglected and misguided. Young people are hurting all around the world. Through Exit Concerts we can show them true, unconditional Love.”

X-Sinner And Illegal Downloading
As hard rock merchants X-Sinner keep rolling on their World Covered In Blood Tour, the band has come to find out just what a success their latest album of the same name has been – albeit as a blessing and a curse. he band’s label, the east coast Image Records has been an online detective ever since the release of the project by attempting to track down all the illegal free downloading sites giving away the collection for free. The initial numbers were shocking but now dwarf in comparison to the latest findings. One site alone has had the W.C.I.B. album downloaded illegally over 169,000 times. Multiply that by the number of these types of sites and the band could be facing the reality that their album has probably been downloaded illegally upwards of what could nearly be the equivalent of certified gold album numbers of 500,000 units. This is extremely frustrating to some of the band members who have had their share of financial difficulties trying to make a living doing their art. “We’ve finally got a hugely successful project on our hands, way larger than we anticipated, but we are being robbed of the enjoyment and success of the fruit of our labors” states lead singer/guitar player Rex Scott. “It just isn’t right” he continues. “It’s very frustrating and really hurts. I think I’d rather just write and record songs just to play live versus putting out an album that everybody steals.” The band has several new songs and ideas in the works for a follow up to World Covered In Blood but just what the band decides to do with that music is yet to be seen. It’s no surprise that one of the new song titles is “Screw Me, Screw You” as X-Sinner has never been a band that waxes poetic. The band has the Legends Of Rock Festival in Germany Sept 18th and winds up the tour in Puerto Rico on Oct 16th. A break for the holidays will ensue and the band will be deciding what direction to go with releasing or not releasing their newest material and considering all their options.

Indie Download Of The Week
Ohio Avenue is now available for booking with The Echoes To Ecuador Tour, a partnership with Indie Community and Compassion International that will focus on ministering to children in Ecuador. Ohio Avenue had the honor of visiting Ecuador with Compassion and seeing first hand all the incredible work they are doing there. Now the band, along with fellow Indie Community artist Seeking Serenity, are ready to bring their experience to your church through an awesome back to school event. Cost and requirements are flexible and will be tailored to fit the budget of each church. Through our partnership with Compassion International, the tour may be completely cost-free for host churches!

Phil Joel Raises Up “DeliberateKids2”
Phil Joel, former Newsboys bassist and current successful independent solo artist, releases his sixth studio album this August 10th, entitled “deliberateKids2?. The follow-up to the Dove award-nominated original inspires kids to live their faith vibrantly and with purpose. Joel and wife Heather were inspired to write the songs for deliberateKids2 by parenting their own children. “It is music made by my family for other people’s families,” Joel says. “It’s our offering. We made it to stir the idea that, as a community of believers and creative people, we should all be about planting good seeds in our kids’ hearts.” Geared toward children ages 8 through 12, deliberateKids2 is an exciting sing-along set of rock/pop music that harkens back to Joel’s days with the newsboys. Kids will enjoy the light-hearted lyrics that also teach them about living an adventurous life, having courage and more! deliberateKids2 is parent-friendly as well. Joel explains, “I know when kids latch on to music, they want to hear it 100 times. We really wanted to make it something that we all can enjoy as a family.” While the physical album will be sold exclusively in Family Christian stores, Joel is partnering with Syntax Distribution to release deliberateKids2 worldwide digitally. “Syntax Distribution is excited to launch this new Phil Joel project,” says Tim Trudeau, President of Syntax. “This album is fun and fresh, and we can’t wait to see how it will positively impact families.” deliberateKids2 features collaborations with former Newsboys frontman Peter Furler and members of the Supertones and its release precedes a family-friendly concert series in conjunction with Focus on the Family this fall. Through this record, Joel encourages the rising of a more purposeful generation. “It starts with parents being deliberate about what we allow in through our kids’ eyes and ears. When they’re young, we want to teach them how to guard their hearts, but really we’re the guardians of their hearts,” he says. “They become deliberate kids as their parents become deliberate people.” Phil Joel is the former bassist and vocalist for the Dove award winning and Grammy® nominated contemporary Christian band the Newsboys. As a solo artist, Joel released Watching Over You, Bring It On, The deliberatePeople. Album and The New Normal People. In 2005, he and his wife, Heather, started the “deliberatePeople.” ministry to encourage Christians of all ages to actively pursue a relationship with God. Upon leaving the Newsboys at the end of 2006, deliberateKids was the first album he made from an outcry for positive, quality music for children.
For more information about deliberateKids2, visit:

How Atheism Poisons Everything
Fixed Point Foundation will host Christopher Hitchens and David Berlinski for a debate entitled “How Atheism Poisons Everything” on September 7, 2010. Christopher Hitchens, an atheist and polemicist, is best known for his controversial book, God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, and, most recently, for his memoir, Hitch 22, which has been on The New York Times Best Seller List since its release last month. Hitchens has been a columnist for The Atlantic, Slate, and Vanity Fair, and has debated his views around the English-speaking world. Hitchens is one of the so-called “New Atheists”, along with other notables like Richard Dawkins. David Berlinski describes himself as “a secular Jew and an agnostic.” He has written a number of books on mathematics, but he is best known for his appearance in the Ben Stein film “Expelled” as well as for his irreverent assault upon the New Atheists in his book, The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions. The son of Jewish intellectuals and immigrants who escaped persecution in Nazi Germany, Berlinski maintains special venom for atheistic regimes. He first gained notoriety when he debated Richard Dawkins at Oxford University in 1991. He possesses a Ph.D. from Princeton University and formerly taught philosophy and mathematics at Stanford University and the University of Paris. He is the father of novelist and journalist, Claire Berlinski. Larry Taunton, Executive Director of Fixed Point Foundation, will interview both participants at a pre-debate luncheon. The pre-debate reception will be a chance for fans to meet and greet these men “up close and personal” before the two go head-to-head in the evening’s debate. There will be book signings at the luncheon and the reception as well as after the debate.
For more information on this debate, visit:

Bread Of Stone New Release
Fans all over the country have been anxiously waiting for the third album release from Bread of Stone and that day is here! Bread of Stone’s new album was released on August 8th via iTunes & the band’s website. The 5-song EP, produced by Tedd T. (Mute Math, TobyMac, Britt Nicole) and Lynn Nichols (Delirious, The Elms) has had a great response at festivals Bread of Stone performed at such as Spirit West Coast, Sonshine and SoulFest. Other songs on the album included with Beautiful are It’s Time to Live, Parachute, The Answer, and the title track, Saturate. Bread of Stone consists of Ben Kristijanto (lead vocals, guitar, keys), Bill Kristijanto (lead guitar), Tim Barnes (bass) and Wesley Holt (drums).

Record Breaking Week For Andrew Peterson
Singer/songwriter Andrew Peterson has reached a career milestone, as his highest charting album to date happened this week. Counting Stars enters at #6 on Billboard’s Christian Albums Chart and strong early support last week led to the project debuting at #1 on iTunes Christian Albums Chart. Media has embraced Counting Stars as Peterson’s best project to date with JesusFreakHideout.com saying, Counting Stars is another success for Andrew Peterson, and the last five songs prove the artist can stretch beyond his comfort zone. Blogcritics.org and Seattle Post-Intelligencer rave, Counting Stars is an all-embracing music any lover of Christian folk gospel and contemporary music would warm to. NewReleaseTuesday.com adds, Andrew Peterson has been described as “one of the most thoughtful, poetic and lyrical songwriters of his generation.” And nowhere is that accolade more evident (and deserving) than on his latest release. And the CD even made USA Today’s playlist when “Planting Trees” was listed in Brian Mansfield’s 10 intriguing tracks for the week of July 19th. Peterson has long been an industry favorite with his thoughtful lyrics and warm vocals, which made Counting Stars immediately connect with listeners through the themes of family and relationships. “Dancing In The Minefields”, a heartwarming song about the beauty and trials of marriage, is the second single from the CD and goes for adds at radio September 3rd. The video, produced and directed by Grant Howard, has had more than 40,000 views in just three weeks and is already having a powerful impact on viewers. “In December of 2009 my wife and I celebrated fifteen years of marriage,” explains Peterson. “Three days later, we got in a silly argument and I wrote this song after she went to bed. Marriage, see, was God’s idea. It’s one of the most potent metaphors in all of Scripture for the way God loves us and the way we’re to let ourselves be loved by Him. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. To the contrary, it’s fraught with peril. Any good marriage involves a thousand deaths to self—the good news is, a godly marriage involves at least as many resurrections. We lay our lives down and enter this perilous dance with another human being who has done the same. Why should we expect to emerge unscathed? The wounds bear testimony to the great power of grace. If I had had any idea what I was getting into fifteen years ago I wouldn’t have walked the aisle—I’d have run down it.“ Peterson is winding down from a two-week promotional trip in support of Counting Stars, which took him to twelve radio stations in several states and Peterson met with such outlets as KLTY/Dallas, TX; Moody/Chicago, IL; KXOJ/Tulsa, OK and KHZR/St. Louis, MO. Peterson has also made several media appearances recently on LeSea’s Broadcasting’s Harvest Show and taped Live From Studio B, TBN/1 Music Village, FOX 17/TN Mornings and upcoming interviews with Nashville’s TV outlets, WKRN-TV/ABC and WSMV-TV/Better Nashville. Additional coverage for Counting Stars includes Worship Leader Magazine (September issue), HJ Live! (July review), ChristianMusicToday.com (July review), StereoTruth.net (July review) and upcoming features with YouthWalk Magazine, Christian Manifesto and CornerStonefaith.com. Upon Peterson’s return to Nashville on August 6, he will host Hutchmoot 2010, a three-day conference for lovers of story, art, and music, featuring acclaimed author Walt Wangerin, Jr. as the keynote speaker. The event, an extension of Peterson’s Rabbit Room community, sold out in three weeks. On the opening night, Peterson will perform a CD release concert in support of Counting Stars for the attendees.
For more information on Andrew Peterson, visit:

New Releases From Crossroads Of America Records
Crossroads of America Records is rounding out a long summer with two scorching-hot vinyl releases. XRA has released another Starflyer 59 classic, 2003’s “Old,” along with a vinyl version of Doug Burr’s recent, critically-acclaimed, “O Ye Devastator.” Continuing on in their quest to at least be a footnote on Starflyer 59’s wikipedia page, Crossroads is offering up the Starflyer record which easily featured their strongest line-up to date: Jason Martin, Jeff Cloud, Frank Lenz, AND Richard Swift. With Swift’s influence, it is their most experimental and yet perhaps most accessible and catchy album. It is being made available the same week as the bands brand new release, “The Changing of the Guard,” and has been severely limited to 500 copies. Devastator is released in conjunction with XRA’s newest buds, Velvet Blue Music and Spune, who handled the CD version earlier this year. Burr has described the record as American roots music rendered as sweeping scenes and story lines, antique, revelatory, and futuristic in scope. This is an exciting time for the young label, not only because it is a privilege to work with such outstanding musicians, but also because with the likes of Martin, Swift, and Cloud, they are finally getting to hang around the cool older kids they’ve looked up to since middle school! Both releases are in stock and preorders are shipping immediately!

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