Inhale Exhale & Gwen Stacy Announce Co-Headlining Tour
Metalcore mainstays Inhale Exhale & Gwen Stacy are excited to announce a summer U.S. headlining tour from 6/10 to July 2 in support of their new albums, Bury Me Alive & A Dialogue on Solid State Records. INHALE EXHALE, fresh off tours with The Chariot & Iwrestledabearonce have had a busy 2010 since the release of their 3rd album BURY ME ALIVE in October of 2009. The band are excited to be heading out with label mates GWEN STACY, and aim to be out on the road the remainder of 2010 beginning with a late summer run with heavyweights Demon Hunter.
Tour Dates:
6/10 – Nashville, TN
6/11 – Columbus, GA
6/12 – Pensacola, FL
6/13 – Tampa, FL
6/14 – West Palm Beach, FL
6/15 – Jacksonville, FL
6/16 – Douglasville, GA
6/17 – Charleston, SC
6/18 – Wilmore, KY
6/19 – Virginia Beach, VA
6/20 – Raleigh, NC
6/21 – Mt. Airy, MD
6/22- Spotswood, NJ
6/23 – Vineland, NJ
6/24 – Albany, NY
6/25 – Manchester, NH
6/26 -Long Island, NY
6/27 -Lemoyne, PA
6/28 – Cleveland, OH
6/29 – Toledo, OH
6/30 – Pontiac, MI

Since October Release Single
After scoring their first ever hit on the Active Rock charts last year with “Guilty,” Since October have returned with a brand new album and lead single which picks up where they left off. The band’s sophomore release Life, Scars, Apologies will be released on Tooth & Nail/EMI Records on 6/8th. The first single “The Way You Move” has already reignited the band’s fan base by becoming the #1 most added track at Active Rock radio this week. The foursome made up of Ben Graham (Lead Vocals), Luke Graham (Guitar / Backing Vocals), Josh Johnson (Bass) and Audie Grantham (Drums) are excited to get their latest single on the air. “This is a song about a relationship gone right, and my wife of 8 years is the inspiration,” commented Ben. “It seems like most ‘relationship songs’ are about what went wrong. Since a ‘happy marriage’ is rare these days I figured I should take advantage of my situation. Before we met, I was at a time in my life where I had decided to be ’single for awhile’, you know, focus on my life, my job, my faith, my whatever. However, let’s just say after I caught a glimpse of her, that philosophy went flying out the window! There was something about her that restored in me the idea of ‘true love’. We both took a chance and after 8 years I still enjoy watching her walk through a room!” Through driving rhythms, memorable choruses, moving melodies and rock solid bottom end, the Floridian bred band have connected with listeners in clubs across America, on the radio, and via the Internet. The band’s authentic, pure voice delivered a significant following through the release of their debut album This Is My Heart in 2008, which has built steadily in to imminent street date of Life, Scars, Apologies. Graham shares, “Anything in our lyrics is usually something I’ve dealt with or maybe someone in the band is dealing with. People are attracted to that level of honesty, especially in the clubs. When people see us on stage, they might assume that we’ve got everything together and our lives are perfect. We like to say, ‘You know, we might be on stage but we’re not any higher than you guys are and we’re struggling through this just as much as you guys are.’ We’re just trying to tell our stories.” Life, Scars, Apologies — the band’s upcoming album — will undoubtedly kick down even more doors for Since October, spreading their huge riffs and big harmonies further across the globe. The band is poised to do great things, but by no means have they forgotten how and why they started. “Our faith is a huge part of our lives — what we do, how we live,” explains lead vocalist Ben Graham. Since October was built from the ground up, kicking and clawing in the hardscrabble Southern club circuit as a self-made rock n’ roll band and selling 5,000 copies of their self-financed CD through word of mouth. They’ve toured with bands like Trapt, 10 Years, Saving Abel and Saliva and shared stages with Shinedown, Flyleaf, Papa Roach, Chevelle and Judas Priest, to name a few. Most importantly for the group they’ve been able to connect to a wider audience with their music and messages. “A lot of the songs are really upbeat and fast tempo on the first album compared to this new one,” Ben points out. “We really drop the tempo down and just chug a little bit on this album.” The band will head to Nashville to shoot a video for “The Way You Move” this month. After that, they expect to do what they do best – hit the road and tour. More details to be announced shortly.

New Album From In The Midst Of Lions
Facedown Records’ In the Midst of Lions are in the recording studio with Jamie King working on their Facedown debut, The Heart of Man. The band is excited to debut some of the new songs on this summer’s Scream the Prayer Tour. ITMOL’s vocalist Matt Janssen says the band feels blessed to be able to record with Jamie adding “He’s very knowledgeable about everything he does and incredible at it. The album is coming together well, we have already tracked drums and we’re about to start tracking guitar.” When asked about the concept behind The Heart of Man, Janssen noted that it’s a 3 part concept: “The tendency of corruption in man’s heart, the consequence of that corruption, and the transformation man must go through with God to get his heart past the corruption.” The Heart of Man makes its debut in August 2010.

Norma Jean Offer Free Download
Just a heads up that the almighty NORMA JEAN has just launched a FREE download of their new song “Leaderless and Self Enlisted” at their website. Fans need to sign up for the mailing list to get the free track. The song is from the band’s upcoming new album, Meridional, which arrives July 13th.

Haste The Day Debut New Single
Metalcore monsters HASTE THE DAY are not only announcing the track listing and artwork, but are debuting the lead single from their towering new album, Attack of the Wolf King, out 6/29 on Solid State Records. “Travesty”, one of several stand-out tracks from the band’s forthcoming album, is available to purchase today on iTunes, and can also be streamed via the band’s MySpace page. Wolf King proves to be the most dynamic, ferocious and art-minded album of the band’s career – an impressive feat for an act that is releasing its fifth full length and has compiled more than a quarter-million in album sales. Recorded in Richmond with veteran producer Andreas Magnusson (THE BLACK DHALIA MURDER, OH SLEEPER, etc), Attack Of The Wolf King is the first outing for the current incarnation of HASTE THE DAY, whose new members brought equally fresh elements to the writing process, adding new fuel to the tried-and-true metalcore machine of singer Stephen Keech and bassist Michael Murphey. While HASTE THE DAY are already among the metalcore elite, Wolf King sees the band reaching frenzied new heights for what, nine years into their career, could be their career-defining album. “I think that Attack Of The Wolf King has taken the musical elements of HASTE THE DAY – the breakdowns, the melodies, and the mood – and turned it up ten notches,” says bassist Michael Murphy. “Fans of the old HTD and the new HTD will be both be in love with this album. It has the raw aggression of Burning Bridges, the catchy choruses of When Everything Falls, the energy of Pressure The Hinges, and the mood and feeling of Dreamer. Get ready for your new favorite HASTE THE DAY album!” HASTE THE DAY have already announced a summer headlining tour in support of the album, from 6/4 to July 2, and will follow that up with a Warped Tour run from July 20 to August 15th.
Attack of the Wolf King Track Listing:
1. Wake Up The Sun
2. Dog Like Vultures
3. The Quiet, Deadly Ticking
4. Travesty
5. Merit For Sadness
6. The Un-Manifest
7. The Place Where Most Deny
8. White as Snow
9. Crush Resistance
10. Walk With a Crooked Spine
11. My Name Is Darkness
Special Edition:
12. Meet Me Half Way (Black Eyed Peas cover)
13. Blue 42 (Live in Auckland, New Zealand)
14. Pressure The Hinges (Live in Capetown, South Africa)
Tour Dates:
6/4 – Allentown, PA
6/5 – Lemoyne, PA
6/6 – Philadelphia, PA
6/7 – Farmingdale, NY
6/8 – Worcester, MA
6/9 – Hartford, CT
6/10 – Montreal, QC
6/11 – Toronto, ON
6/12 – Syracuse, NY
6/13 – Buffalo, NY
6/15 – Cleveland, OH
6/16 – Columbus, OH
6/17 – Wilmore, KY
6/18 – St. Louis, MO
6/19 – Cordova, TN
6/20 – Little Rock, AR
6/22 – Houston, TX
6/23 – San Antonio, TX
6/24 – Corpus Christi, TX
6/25 – Austin, TX
6/26 – Oklahoma City, OK
6/29 – Bloomington, IN (Special HASTE THE DAY vs HASTE THE DAY show – featuring the return of all of HTD’s past members!)
6/30 – Grand Rapids, MI
7/1 – Iowa City, IA
7/2 – Marietta, IL

Underoath Announce New Drummer
Having wrapped a European tour last month, UNDEROATH will begin recording their new as-yet-untitled album, the follow-up to their acclaimed disc Lost In The Sound of Separation (Tooth & Nail/Solid State) on 5/24. For the new album, set for release in the late fall, the group will team with Matt Goldman (who co-produced the band’s Lost In The Sound of Separation and Define The Great Line albums) and Jeremy SH Griffith to produce. In other news, lead vocalist SPENCER CHAMBERLAIN, guitarist TIM MCTAGUE, bassist GRANT BRANDELL, keyboardist CHRISTOPHER DUDLEY, and guitarist JAMES SMITH have announced that drummer Daniel Davison (ex Norma Jean) will be joining on drums for writing and recording the new album and the forthcoming tour. The group will head out this summer for a three-week trek on the “Cool Tour” with As I Lay Dying, Between the Buried and Me, blessthefall, The Acacia Strain, Architects, Cancer Bats and War of Ages. UNDEROATH–whose last four albums have combined sales well in excess of one million copies–released Lost In The Sound Of Separation on Seattle indie Tooth & Nail/Solid State in 2008. The disc marked the top rock debut for the week and entered the Billboard Top 200 Album chart at #8, #1 on the Top Christian albums chart and #5 on the Top Digital albums chart. The band continue to garner new fans and widespread critical acclaim for Lost In The Sound Of Separation as well as their electrifying live performances.
Tour Dates:
7/12 – Orlando, FL
7/13 – Atlanta, GA
7/14 – N. Myrtle Beach, SC
7/15 – Charlotte, NC
7/16 – Baltimore, MD
7/17 – Toronto, ON
7/18 – Royal Oak, MI
7/20 – Boston, MA
7/21 – Sayreville, NJ
7/22 – Philadelphia, PA
7/23 – Columbus, OH
7/24 – Milwaukee, WI
7/25 – St. Louis, MO
7/27 – Houston, TX
7/28 – Dallas, TX
7/30 – Mesa, AZ
7/31 – Los Angeles, CA
8/1 – San Francisco, CA

Ivoryline To Release Vessels July 27th
Ivoryline will release VESSELS on July 27th in stores and online. The band’s sophomore album follows their Tooth & Nail Records debut, THERE CAME A LION (2008) which opened as one of the bestselling releases from a new artist in the label’s sixteen-year history. VESSELS was produced by Aaron Sprinkle (Anberlin, The Almost) and showcases a more mature and diverse Ivoryline than was heard on their previous record. “We just started writing,” says vocalist Jeremy Gray. “We didn’t really have a plan or agenda for the record. We just wrote what was on our hearts and hashed out the songs together. We had ample time to get the songs just the way we wanted and had a blast writing and recording the record. It really was one of the most exciting, joy-filled times of my life.” Joined by Guitarist Dusty Kittle, Bassist Robert Woodward and Drummer Wesley Hart, Gray and Ivoryline began taking the band’s sound to a new level. “With The Daylight” and “Hearts Open” harken to the heart of the band’s catchy rock core while “Search Me Out” and “Instincts” take that sentiment and forge forward to plateaus like “Made From Dust” and “You Bring Fire,” which are arguably the most ethereal and moody songs of the band’s career. “It’s been four years or so since some of the songs on THERE CAME A LION were written. Our tastes in music have changed, and we have changed as people,” explains Gray. “As a band, we listen to all different types of music from classical and movie scores to metal and hardcore. Since we do all our writing together, we influence each other all the time, and we employ each other’s strengths and different tastes in the writing process.” But the band also wanted their new music to have a renewed meaning. “During the recording process, I began praying that God would literally fill our songs, lyrics, and the album as a whole with His Spirit; that he would use us as His vessels. That was just really on my heart,” Gray says. Thus VESSELS was born. “The record is definitely more honest, revealing, and spiritual than our previous. We really want it to impact people in a deep way. Of course we want them to jam it and love the songs, but we also want people to be uplifted, loved, and maybe even challenged by some of the topics we address.”

Onward To Olympas Summer Tour
Facedown’s Onward to Olympas are heading out with Before There Was Rosalyn this Thursday for the Nu-Crew Tour which runs through the end of June.
Tour Dates:
5/13 – Gas City, IN
5/14 – Terre Haute, IN
5/15 – Owensboro, KY
5/16 – Virginia Beach, VA
5/17 – Murfreesboro, NC
5/18 – Charleroi, PA
5/19 – Frackville, PA
5/20 – Ontario, NY
5/21 – Amityville, NY
5/22 – New Bedford, NJ
5/23 – Wilmington, DE
5/24 – Zanesville, OH
5/25 – Crofton, MD
5/26 – Lynchburg, VA
5/27 – Cornelius, NC
5/28 – Gastonia, NC
5/29 – East Ridge, TN
5/30 – Jacksonville, FL
5/31 – Kissimmee, FL
6/1 – Birmingham, AL
6/2 – Fayetteville, GA
6/3 – Columbia, MS
6/4 – Jackson, MS
6/5 – Houma, LA
6/6 – Little Rock, AR
6/7 – Bartlett, TN
6/8 – Waco, TX
6/9 – Midland, TX
6/10 – Albuquerque, NM
6/11 – Yucca Valley, CA
6/12 – Chino, CA
6/14 – Pahrump, NV
6/17 – Twin Falls, ID
6/18 – Salt Lake City, UT
6/20 – Camdenton, MO
6/21 – Jefferson, SD
6/22 – Minneapolis, MN
6/23 – Cedar Rapids, IA
6/25 – Bartlett, IL
6/26 – Decatur, IL

Queens Club Announce Tour With Emery
Queens Club have announced a wealth of new tour dates for this 5/and June. The band will embark for two weeks with The Forecast which leads into a three week run with Emery across the nation. Following that will be an appearance the annual Cornerstone Festival in Marietta IL alongside The Devil Wears Prada, Mewithoutyou and others. Queens Club is a four piece who wield throbbing post-punk energy with a dollop of electronic pop gloss and infectious melodies. The band’s full-length debut Young Giant has recently been released on Tooth & Nail Records and a video for the band’s song “Less Talk” premiered on Absolute Punk last month. Favorable reviews have been pouring in including AltPress.com who gave the album a 3 out of 5 and The Kansas City Pitch who proclaimed “A metal-core history (drummer Jake Ryan and singer-guitarist Dan Eaton defected from the Chariot) means that Queens Club songs are bound to be imbued with intensity. But they also come mapped with predetermined pop purpose, making for enjoyable tracks.”
Tour Dates:
5/13 – Joplin, MO
5/14 – San Antonio, TX
5/15 – Austin, TX
5/17 – Mesa, AZ
5/18 – San Diego, CA
5/19 – Canoga Park, CA
5/20 – Upland, CA
5/21 – Fresno, CA
5/28 – Spokane, WA
5/29 – Seattle, WA
5/30 – Roseburg, OR
6/1 – Boise, ID
6/3 – Colorado Springs, CO
6/5 – Iowa City, IA
6/6 – Columbia, MO
6/7 – Little Rock, AR
6/8 – Montgomery, AL
6/9 – Louisville, KY
6/10 – St. Louis, MO
6/11 – Urbana, IL
6/13 – Indianapolis, IN
6/14 – Grand Rapids, MI
6/15 – Poplar Grove, IL
6/16 – Des Moines, IA
6/17 – Omaha, NE
6/18 – Tulsa, OK
6/19 – Wichita, KS
6/30 – Marietta, IL

Flyleaf On Tour
Flyleaf would like to thank their fans that voted for their video for “Missing” in the AMTV Democracy challenge. Because of all the votes not only will you now get to see the video for “Missing” on AMTV and AMTV2 but also MTV’s Elite 8! Flyleaf is on the Unite & Fight Tour right now with 10 Years, Fair, & Midland.
Tour Dates:
5/14 – Salt Lake City, UT
5/15 – Denver, CO
5/18 – Cleveland, OH
5/20 – Worcester, MA
5/21 – Atlantic City, NJ
5/22 – New York, NY
5/24 – Poughkeepsie, NY
5/25 – Washington, DC
5/26 – Norfolk, VA
5/29 – Omaha, NE
5/30 – Sioux Falls, SD
6/1 – Billings, MT
6/2 – Casper, WY
6/4 – Boise, ID
6/5 – Reno, NV

Thrice Hit The Road Again
Orange County-based Thrice now have a second leg of dates ready to announce for their long-awaited headlining tour this summer. Thrice was recently forced to cancel their co-headlining tour with Manchester Orchestra due to a family emergency, but they’re now prepared to get back on the road with Kevin Devine, Bad Veins, and The Dig. The whole shebang kicks off in San Francisco, CA on 6/3, and winds down closer to their home turf, in Pomona, CA on July 17. Thrice is currently promoting their sixth and latest studio album, Beggars (09/09 Vagrant). Tickets go on sale to the public on 5/17. Thrice have received numerous accolades for Beggars, including the #5 spot on Alternative Press’ “Best Albums of 2009” list. Also known to consistently deliver a great live show, OC Weekly more recently named Thrice’s Nov 25 date at House of Blues Anaheim in their “Top 10 Orange County Concerts of 2009.” Additionally, the OC Music Awards nominated Thrice for Best Album, Best Alternative, and Best Rock. Harnessing their own creative powers, Thrice have recorded both their 2007/2008 double release The Alchemy Index and 2009’s Beggars at their own studio in Orange County, with guitarist Teppei Teranishi in the producer’s chair.
Tour Dates:
6/3 – San Francisco, CA
6/4 – Portland, OR
6/5 – Seattle, WA
6/7 – Edmonton, AB
6/8 – Calgary, AB
6/9 – Saskatoon, SAS
6/11 – St. Paul, MN
6/12 – Chicago, IL
6/13 – Detroit, MI
6/15 – Toronto, ONT
6/16 – Montreal, QC
6/17 – Boston, MA
6/18 – New Haven, CT
6/19 – Clifton Park, NY
6/21 – Lancaster, PA
6/22 – Allentown, PA
6/23 – Philadelphia, PA
6/24 – New York, NY
6/25 – Sayreville, NJ
6/26 – Towson, MD
6/28 – Norfolk, VA
6/29 – Carrboro, NC
6/30 – Charleston, SC
7/1 – Lake Buena Vista, FL
7/2 – Fort Lauderdale, FL
7/3 – St. Petersburg, FL
7/6 – Houston, TX
7/7 – Austin, TX
7/8 – Dallas, TX
7/9 – Tulsa, OK
7/10 – Kansas City, MO
7/11 – Denver, CO
7/13 – Salt Lake City, UT
7/15 – Tempe, AZ
7/16 – San Diego, CA
7/17 – Pomona, CA

New Album From My Epic
Dreamt Music’s My Epic have been hard at work on their sophomore album for the past few months, and we now have the latest details about the project. The band has been working with Matt Goldman (Underoath, Copeland, Anberlin, Cartel) to produce their second album, YET. Vocalist Aaron Stone had this to say about working with Matt and the outcome of their sophomore Dreamt album YET. One of the things we realized early on was that [Matt] doesn’t exaggerate. He says exactly what he means. If it’s good he says so but he never uses words like “awesome” or “amazing”. That’s a quality we have really grown to appreciate over the last few years. The other great thing about Matt is that we already trusted that he knew what he was doing. This time around we felt really confident in the songs and we just wanted someone to help us maximize who we have become. We don’t ever want to make the same record twice. Matt was great at encouraging us to let this record become what it wanted to be. YET is about the distance between that which has already been traveled, overcome, and discarded, and the journey still to come. It is about the evidence, even now, of what will be. It is about a G-d who is so brilliantly and blindingly big that our rational minds can only be left to cower at His depths. He is so magnificent that we cannot yet look Him in the eye and yet He desires to live within us. It is about the hope that arises when one truly realizes that we will be completely undone when we stand before Him and yet He loves us still and makes us what we could never be on our own. My Epic will be touring in support of YET starting on 6/5th and ending at Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, IL. They along with So Long Forgotten (Come & Live) and label mates A Hope For Home are teaming up with 30 Hour Famine and World Vision for a tour that will hit the midwest, east and south. Dates will be announced soon. YET will be released on July 6th.

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