Blindside News
Blindside has announced details on their new album. he record was recorded in LA at Bay 7 with the same team who worked on SILENCE and ABOUT A BURNING FIRE. Howard Benson and Mike Plotnikoff. “We are mixing right now and taking the time we need to get it right,” states the band’s management. “We have been working on this album for 3 years and really feel we have something special, something worth waiting for and something worth getting right. “

Destroy The Runner In Ernie Ball Contest
Destroy The Runner has a chance to play at San Diego’s Warped Tour & need your help. Here is what the bands says: “This is super easy and can change our lives forever. We have a really good shot at this. If you go to this link, you can vote for Destroy The Runner to play San Diego Warped Tour for the “Metal” genre. If we win we get $15,000.00, we record with a famous producer, and we get to be on Van’s Warped Tour next year. This would drastically change our lives. We have a very good chance to win this because of our fans, friends, and family. S if there is anything that you can do, PLEASE, help support us. This is legit. They will ask for your email, but you can uncheck or check boxes to never get spam or emails from Ernie Ball. Super easy. All we ask for is your vote and anything extra is amazing. Amazing.
Thank you so much friends and family. Much love and thanks.
– chad & destroy the runner

Tobymac Tune Chosen As MLB Theme Song
Following the highest sales debut of his solo career with his new CD TONIGHT (No. 6 on Billboard Top 200/No. 1 Christian SoundScan/No. 2 iTunes® overall), multi-platinum and GRAMMY® Award winning artist TobyMac is now celebrating the project’s title track being chosen as the theme song for Major League Baseball Network’s (MLB) 30 CLUBS IN 30 DAYS spring training series. The song will be featured throughout each episode. With just 41 days until Opening Day, MLB Network recently announced it will once again televise the Spring Training series 30 Clubs in 30 Days, with hour-long features on each of the 30 Major League clubs previewing the 2010 season. The new season of 30 Clubs in 30 Days will provide extensive coverage of each team with field reports, interviews, predictions and inside access to every club’s training camp as Opening Day approaches. A preview of the new season can be viewed on MLB Network’s web site. 30 Clubs in 30 Days premieres on Wednesday, March 3 at 5:00 p.m. ET with the Detroit Tigers, followed by the New York Yankees on Thursday, March 4 at 5:00 p.m. ET (check www.mlbnetwork.com for updates).
Sold out and packed crowds helped TobyMac kick off the AWAKE TONIGHT tour with Skillet last week, which runs through April 11.

Soundmass Signs Coram Deo
Soundmass is pleased to announce the signing of Coram Deo for the release of their new EP “Death is Dead”. Formed in 2003 in Kremenchuk, Ukraine, this EP follows on from Coram Deo’s “Escape to the Heaven” demo (2005) and their debut album “Evangelion” (2007). “Death is Dead” sees the band honing a melodic thrash/death metal sound. Influenced by the likes of Arch Enemy, Carcass, Holy Moses and Dark Tranquillity, be on the lookout for “Death is Dead” to be released mid 2010 but, in the meantime, check out the title track from the new EP on the Coram Deo MySpace.

For Today Release New Video
For Today have just released their latest video for the song “Saul of Tarsus (The Messenger)” off of their album Portraits. They worked with Drew Russ to produce great results. “Drew was a blast to work with!” says Mattie Montgomery. “He was incredibly organized and thoughtful. He was a ton of fun, and he really took our loose concept for a video and made it his own. I think our finished product is much better for having had him involved.”
Tour Dates:
3/26 – Fresno, CA
3/27 – Anaheim, CA
3/29 – Salinas, CA
3/30 – Santa Rosa, CA
4/3 – Saltillo, Coahuila
4/4 – Monterrey, Nuevo Le’on
5/14 – Mansfield, OH
5/15 – Bristol, IN
5/16 – Windsor, ON
5/17 – Toronto, ON
6/18 – Wilmore, KY
6/19 – Evansville, IN

Queens Club Post New Song
Queens Club have put up a new song Dust on their myspace today. he song is from their forthcoming album Young Giant to be released on 3/23 via Tooth & Nail Records. Zambooie.com has also launched a unique pre-order today as well. All pre-order customers for the album placed on Zambooie will receive a link and login to listen to the album in it’s entirety IMMEDIATELY! Pre-Order is sold with a special t-shirt and CD package or as CD only (links below). Queens Club produces music that wields throbbing post-punk energy with a dollop of electronic pop gloss and infectious melodies. The band was formed by Dan Eaton (vocals/guitar) and Jake Ryan (drums/vocals) both of whom are former members of hardcore/noise rock outfit The Chariot. The band has just completed a tour with Breathe Carolina and will be announcing new tour dates shortly.
For more information on the pre-orders, visit:
Shirt & CD Bundle –
CD Only –

Tourniquet Rocking Again
As posted on the Tourniquet forums by Ted Kirkpatrick of Tourniquet: “I have three exciting things to tell you about. I have just completed recording my first solo album called ODE TO A ROADKILL.” The title track refers to the sad reality of the millions of animals who die each year on our roadways. 7 songs, over 40 minutes of brand new music. I have been a fan of slow “stoner” music for many years, and this album definitely fits that category, with my own influence to it, of course. I’m really pleased with the way it turned out and look forward to having you all hear it as it is super, super heavy. All “vocals” are done utilizing majestic, creepy, haunting, unaltered animal calls. Cool album art designed by Jared Meyer – aka Lucid Hysteria. The album will be available as a 6 panel Digipak CD and an online download. Looking at a release date of March 10, 2010 – right around the corner. At the same time, I have been working on a different solo project also very soon to be released called IN THE SHADOW OF THE MASTERS. It is a very technical drumming album featuring drums played over classical music. I’ve done a few things on past Tourniquet albums, but I think this is beyond anything so far just in length of the pieces. IN THE SHADOW OF THE MASTERS will feature music by Mozart, Chopin, Rossini, Beethoven and more. Release date: March 30, 2010. Finally, we will be recording a brand new epic TOURNIQUET album in July or August, 2010. We are excited to announce that we will be working with legendary English producer NEIL KERNON. Neil has either produced, recorded, mixed, or engineered a staggering amount of cool music from classic metal (Queensryche, Dokken, Judas Priest, Autograph) to death metal (Nile, Cannibal Corpse) to progressive music (Nevermore, Magma) to hair metal (Britny Fox) to Christian bands like Petra, to classic bands like Kansas, to platinum selling albums like Hall and Oates “Private Eyes”. We plan to release it as soon as it’s finished in fall of this year.”

Woe Of Tyrants News
Woe Of Tyrants’ new album, Threnody, will be in the hands of fans by April 14th. Vocalist Chris Catanzaro explains the concept behind the song, “Threnody”: “This song was written to describe a point in “Threnody” which our traveler is within a dream, a dream that is one of the few points in his journey that he experiences any semblance of peace and serenity.” Read the full explanation on MetalSucks.net HERE.

New Klank Album Readies
The new KLANK titled NUMB…Reborn will be available for download thru FIXT ONLINE on 4-20-2010. Featuring guest appearances by Jim Chaffin, Larry Farkas and Michael Phillips. Spread the word.
URBAN WARFARE coming late summer… Will u be ready???? To enter the Klank Ringtones Kontest, send an email to contest at hmmag.com and list your three favorite Klank songs. The winners will be forwarded to Klank, who will make your custom ringtones. How cool is that? Now enter!

White Collar Sideshow Update
White Collar Sideshow has released an update via their newsletter: “Wow…time has just slipped away from me…and as it flies by, the thought of an update has become more and more intimidating! How in the world do I wrap up the last almost 5 months in an email?!? Well…here goes my best effort…”. “We had some amazing experiences in October. We participated in the Unified Underground Conference in Annapolis, MD. Long story short, they had “The Sideshow” picked as their theme and when they heard about us, they asked us to play and speak. It was so awesome-we highly recommend it to everyone! The second half of October was spent playing shows in Florida with our dear friend Levi the Poet. We adore him. He does poetry from the heart…very intense, very real. Check him out if you have the chance-you won’t be disappointed. Florida was awesome. Amazing weather, amazing people! We got to go to a few of the theme parks, too. Way fun. Our highlight of November was touring with The Great Transparency. We spent a solid week with them and they are solid guys! Also throughout Oct and Nov, we helped collect socks for Faceless International. They were originally going to go to India, to help a village devastated by a tsunami, however, when they were about to send them, the Hatian earthquake happened, so the socks were sent down there. Thanks to all of you who donated socks!!! We ended up with hundreds of pairs! We took December and January off. We really needed time to regroup and just rest after traveling for a year straight. It was great to be able to spend time with family and friends. I saw my first official White Christmas and I even had a white birthday! Never seen either! Pretty cool. We started back on the road mid-January and on the way to our first show, Harvey the RV started smoking so bad that the smoke alarm went off!! We had to cancel that show (sorry Dallas!) and head back to Fort Smith for a few days to get it repaired. We then made our way to California. We were there during the week of rain! They drive in the rain the same way us southerners drive in the snow. eek! Had such a great time in Cali. A few of the guys from XXX Church came to our show at Epic Ventura. Epic is the same location where we filmed our episode of The Dog Whisperer-which still hasn’t aired. They promised they’d keep me informed, so as soon as I find out, I will pass the info along to all of our pages. Anywho…while the XXX Church guys were there, they filmed some of our set and we sat down for an interview with them. You can check out the podcast at their home page, or you can visit our YouTube to watch it. Leave us a comment to let us know what you think! After Cali, we worked our way back east and while we were up in South Bend, IN, T and I got to do an interview with The Harvest Show. It’s part of LeSEA broadcasting and is shown all over the world!! It aired on Feb 5 and you can watch it HERE.We were interviewed about 20 min into the show and our interview was about 15 minutes long. It was a great experience! Wow…this hasn’t been too bad 😉 February has been good to us. Got to spend Valentine’s Day with The Leech as well as dear friends in Arkansas. We all went on our annual Valentine’s date to McDonalds…10 years running! It’s about the only tradition T & I have! Then we headed south and got to visit New Orleans for a few days. T had never been there-we walked around, people watched and ate some biegnets. It was a good time. While we were there, we finally met Brandt Russo. This guy is legit. You may remember a few tweets back in the day about Operation Starvation or Adopt-a-Jesus…that’s Brandt. Operation Starvation was crazy. He went on a hunger strike until he was able to raise $15000. With that money, 1,000,000 children were provided deworming medicine. 30,000 children die every day from hunger! If they do get food, most of it is eaten by stomach parasites. Brandt’s strike lasted 9 days. His story is similar to ours in that he sold everything he owned to follow Christ’s lead. He has been such a blessing to us and we are so happy know him! I’m sorry if I left something out-perhaps I’ll do a better job about sending regular updates 😉 So, here I sit, in Houston, TX…Ecclesia Houston has been so gracious to let us park here while my father is recovering from surgery. This church has been incredible. They’re a 7 day a week facility-so if you’re in Houston, please stop by!! We are also borrowing a car from a complete stranger. It has been amazing to see the body of Christ at work. We have several shows/festivals scheduled for this year, and hope to fill our dates up like last year! You can always check our dates at our MySpace to see if we are coming to your neck of the woods! If we are not-then email me and let’s make it happen (whitecollarsideshow@hotmail.com)! Our MySpace also links to our merch store, so if you would like to sport some WCS gear, you can get it online. We updated the look of our page as well, so if you haven’t seen it, I’d suggest a visit-it’s pretty sweet, I must say. Since I’m talking MySpace, I might as well give our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube a shoutout as well. Since I got my new phone, I’ve been posting silly mini-vids. Check’m out. We have really started talking about The Witchunt (WCS II) and trying to figure out how to make it a reality. WCS was 3 1/2 years of dreams, my Jump Day, then about 2 years of elbow grease to get to our first show. Obviously, money is a factor, but time and creative also play in. T has been working hard at writing and trying to get his visions on paper. I’m stoked to see it all happen-I just know how much work it will take to get where we want to be. We would love to see it launch in 2012.

War of Ages Pre-Order
The brand new album from War Of Ages titled “Eternal” will be released on April 13, 2010. You can pre-order it here. There will be a very limited pressing of colored vinyl copies made (only 500!), so make sure to check that pre-order option out so you don’t miss out on these very rare records. Also, all pre-orders will be entered to win a test pressing of the vinyl (only 5 made) and a $200 Facedown Records shopping spree! You can hear a brand new song from the album called “Desire” on the bands myspace. Check that out and stay posted for some big touring news that will be announced shortly.

Creed Release New Video
Creed’s new video for “A Thousand Faces” is now available on iTunes! Click here to get your copy now and make sure to leave a review! Don’t forget to listen for “A Thousand Faces” on your favorite radio station!

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