Onward To Olympas Release New Song
Onward to Olympas has just released a new song from their forthcoming album The War Within Us. You can hear “Structures” here. OTO has meticulously cultivated their sound, blending progressive metal, straight hardcore, and elements of death metal. Once again they enlisted the help of Jamie King (For Today, Between The Buried And Me) to engineer their new record, and that combined with the matured direction of their writing make for an even more seasoned, technical and ear catching release. You can pre-order The War Within Us, due out March 15, here.

The Famine Premiere New Song On Noisecreep
North Texas technical death metal group, The Famine, has teamed up with AOL’s, Noisecreep.com, to premiere a brand new track from the band’s forthcoming full-length, The Architects of Guilt, entitled “The Crown and the Holy See”. According to a recent chat with Noisecreep.com, “The Crown and the Holy See” was the first song that The Famine vocalist, Nick Nowell, tracked on the new record, after moving from bass to vocals following the departure of the band’s original vocalist, Kris McCaddon, last summer.
“I may be projecting, but I think you can hear a little bit of extra aggression and attack on this track, just because I was so excited to leave my mark on the record,” he said. The Architects of Guilt, The Famine’s sophomore Solid State Records release, will hit stores on February 15th.
Track Listing:
1. The New Hell
2. Ad Mortem
3. We Are The Wolves
4. Turner Classic Diaries
5. Bigger Cages, Longer Chains!
6. The Crown and The Holy See
7. VII The Fraudulent
8. A Pavement Of Good Intentions
9. A Fragile Peace
10. Pyrithion House
11. To The Teeth
Pre-order their new album here:

FM Static To Release Fourth Studio Album
Fans of Thousand Foot Krutch have been enjoying the sounds of FM Static, the summery pop-rock side-project, since their 2003 debut. The counterpart will be releasing their fourth studio project, My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go, on April 5, 2011 on Tooth & Nail Records. This release finds primary figureheads Trevor McNevan and Steve Augustine (both of Thousand Foot Krutch fame) turning in its most melodic, memorable and meaningful album to date that will make it feel like summer outside no matter what the season. “It’s funny because every artist is excited about their new record and there are a lot of cliché things people say like it’s their best work yet, but this was honestly such an inspired process and it all came out so naturally,” notes McNevan of the instantly infectious batch. “I’m a sucker for a big hook and this record zeros in more on that top 40 side than in the past, but we didn’t go in with any intentions or hidden agendas. This isn’t a concept record, it’s more of a highlight reel of moments and situations in my life.” My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go is firmly planted in present tense, urging listeners to not be afraid to step out in faith without worrying or feeling weighed down by a sagging self-esteem or less than ideal circumstances. In other words, seize each day and make the most of every moment. The lead CHR and AC single “Last Train Home,” chronicles the basic human emotion of trying to fix ourselves, and realizing that God’s in control, over laid back R&B-tinged alt-rock. This song was the highest debuting single last week at CHR radio.

Brenton Brown “our God is Near” Feature
Best known for modern worship classics like “Everlasting God,” “Lord, Reign in Me” and “Your Love Is Amazing,” Brenton Brown is one of the most gifted song crafters on the planet. The good news—and thankfully so—he doesn’t seem to know it. This is but one of the curious juxtapositions of the South African-raised Rhodes scholar who studied at Oxford, cut his worship teeth in the Vineyard Church in England, returned home on sabbatical after contracting ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), a debilitating condition, and wound up living in Malibu, California. But the undercurrent infusing Brenton’s uncommon life is the desire to seek and discover the nearness of God, to see his Kingdom at work in the world.
You’re blessed if you’ve been torn apart
You’re blessed if you’ve a broken heart
Cause hope is waiting at the door
Salvation’s near
Our God Is Near, Brenton’s third full-length recording and his second for Kingsway, is an irresistible collection of 10 songs bent on spanning the chasm between joy and death. “Those two ideas seem totally disparate and juxtaposed, like they could never go together,” he explains, “but that’s what makes the good news good news. When God is near, things change. He can literally bulldoze the mountains in our lives out of the way if he chooses to. We can’t fully understand it, and our language cannot describe it, but peace comes only in the fellowship of suffering. That we can die in him and rise in him confounds the trials of the world. Our music struggles to contain this idea.” Produced by Jason Ingram and Rusty Varenkamp, Our God Is Near features the musical collaboration of Brenton and his band of brothers—Daniel Ornellas, Scotty Murray and Ben Showalter, collectively known as the Worship Republic. Rich with compelling anthems and prayers set in highly singable, modern-edge melodies, the sonic result puts this ‘worship republic’ squarely in the company of modern worship groundbreakers like Delirious?, David Crowder, Gungor and Robbie Seay Band. But it’s the songs that most set Brenton Brown apart. Featuring co-writes with some of the finest worship songwriters of the day, like Paul Baloche, Marty Sampson, Matt Maher, Eoghan Heaslip and others, Our God Is Near showcases Brenton’s fine-tuned understanding of the truth that ‘to be profound, it must be simple.’ His years of experience as a worship leader have taught him well. “In the early days, we were making music for people who weren’t coming to church yet,” he says, “the hymns of the church future, if you will. I still have this teenage spirit, still this geeky kid in a rock band, but it’s not just a job, or a way to make a living. We are reaching forward for the next songs the church will sing.” In fact, much of the inspiration for the songs comes from what Brenton and his band experiences leading worship at his home church in Malibu, and on the road. “Many of us feel unqualified or unworthy,” Brenton says, “that sense of not really up to being a Christian, but there’s the Lord throwing open the gate, saying ‘If you don’t have what it takes, come anyway, I’ve got something for you. That’s God’s heart. You don’t have to have any qualification, just believe that He exists and that He rewards those who seek Him, and He’s there. That’s more than enough reason to be joyful. That’s what we’re saying here.” With the opening track, “Our God Is Mercy,” Brenton sets the tone for the entire project. Powerfully resonating with audiences far and wide, this simple song is already beginning to impact churches around the world. “People have been touched by God in dramatic ways as we’ve played this song,” Brenton says. “I think it’s just the act of singing it together with other believers, experiencing the nearness of God… what I’ve seen has reminded me of the early Vineyard movement. I’ve wept for joy as waves of people were physically moved, wailing and crying. There’s simply no other explanation but the Spirit of God.” “Joyful,” the current single, puts a driving, modern spin on the famous hymn. “I’ve always loved ‘Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee,’ he adds. “It’s such an amazing prayer to pray as a worship leader, such a happy, joyful thing at the end of a difficult day. I was even more stoked when I researched it and found out that it was written in 1920 by Henry J. Van Dyke, an Ivy League professor who loved the Lord.” “We Lift You Up,” with its unmistakable ‘Shout to the Lord’ quality, “Glorious,” a Coldplay-esque anthem, and “His Name Is Wonderful” all herald the power and glory of God to conquer death and rule over all His creation. “The first five songs on the record are about death and resurrection,” Brenton explains, “about the fact that God is bigger than any challenge we might face. People die every day, so you’d think we’d have death figured out by now. We put a man on the moon, but we still haven’t figured out how not to die. Jesus is the only person to come back, and remain alive, the only person who has conquered death. We don’t get to see Him face to face, right now, but every now and again, we get to see His Kingdom at work, in prayer being answered in dramatic and small ways, and in those moments where we experience His presence.” Our God Is Near continues with “All I Want,” a love song of a child for his Father, “Higher,” a rollicking rock anthem, “Good News,” an innovative unpacking of John 3:16, and “All for You,” the project benediction that seals this love letter and sets it to flight. “In the spirit of Paul the Apostle, this is just for the Lord in the end,” says Brenton, “an honest offering as much as anything…” Ultimately, Brenton Brown’s approach to worship is as simple and authentic as the man himself: “I’m not a salesman for God,” he says. “That’s not my gig. I don’t need to sell Him. All I need to do, all I ever want to do is pray some honest prayers and sing some things that are true about who God is. To sing these prayers I’ve written and others have written, to keep it clean and simple and intentional. That’s enough for me.”

MUTEMATH, Paramore, Collective Soul On Twilight Soundtrack DVD
Summit Entertainment’s MUSIC VIDEOS AND PERFORMANCES FROM THE TWILIGHT SAGA SOUNDTRACKS: VOLUME 1 on Blu-ray™ and DVD is currently available nationwide at all retailers and for digital download exclusively on iTunes. The groundbreaking “visual soundtrack” is an unprecedented collection of music videos and live performances from bands featured on the chart topping soundtracks from each of the three Twilight Saga films, of which the latest, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, is currently nominated for a 2011 Grammy® Award for Best Soundtrack. MUSIC VIDEOS AND PERFORMANCES FROM THE TWILIGHT SAGA SOUNDTRACKS: VOLUME 1 is the first-of-its-kind music video soundtrack highlighting 22 songs by famous artists, including: Muse “Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever),” Paramore “Decode,” Death Cab For Cutie “Meet Me On The Equinox,” and Cee Lo Green “What Part Of Forever.” Both the Blu-ray™ and DVD feature a “Continuous Play Option,” just like a CD, so viewers can play the content as a continuous loop. Said Steve Nickerson, President of Summit Home Entertainment, “These days, people want to both hear and see their music, whether on computers, cell phones or iPods. THE TWILIGHT SAGA SOUNDTRACKS lets audiences fall in love again with the films’ songs, along with the added value of new videos from their favorite artists. This is a cool, must-have item for all Twilight Saga fans.” “This release represents a new generation of soundtracks which feature both audio and video – not just audio alone,” says Steve Devick, CEO of Concert Hot Spot which produced the disc. “It provides a new dimension to The Twilight Saga’s music and theatrical films with authentic videos and live performances with the actual artists — some of which have never been seen before.” The MUSIC VIDEOS AND PERFORMANCES FROM THE TWILIGHT SAGA SOUNDTRACKS: VOLUME 1 executive producers are Steve Devick, Paul Katz of Eye2Ear Music who consults Summit Entertainment on all music matters, and Alexandra Patsavas (Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy), owner of Chop Shop Music Supervision.

Bob Taylor Releases Book To Impart Music Wisdom
Few people find a job during their lifetime they love so much they’d do it for free. Bob Taylor of Taylor Guitars is one of those people. The co-founder and President of the world’s premier manufacturer of high-end acoustic and electric guitars knew from the moment he made his first guitar as a teenager that he’d found his passion, but little did he know the formidable challenges that awaited him and co-founder and CEO Kurt Listug. From their early struggles to stay in business to the rollercoaster ride that followed the rise, decline and eventual reemergence of the acoustic guitar industry, the business partners more than survived – they went on to build the top-selling acoustic guitar brand in the United States. For two inexperienced “kids” with a dream of having their own guitar shop, the odds of success were stacked against them, and yet they overcame each obstacle. Now available wherever books and e-books are sold, Taylor’s Guitar Lessons: A Life’s Journey Turning Passion Into Business (Wiley, January 2011, ISBN: 9780470937877, $24.95) recounts the hard-knock lessons that helped make Taylor Guitars an industry leader. From Bob Taylor’s earliest lessons in dismantling household appliances and bikes to the extraordinary sweat equity that grew the business, Taylor imparts his experience as a tradesman with consideration for building a business on the values of quality products and passion for perfection – values that often seem counterintuitive in today’s mass production culture. By sharing the business and life experiences that nurtured the company’s growth, Bob Taylor offers everyone from business leaders to young dreamers in today’s world a fresh perspective on how hard work and perseverance can overcome challenges in one’s profession and life.

Brooke Waggoner Update
Brooke Waggoner releases some great info in her latest update: Hi & hello! This is the first message / blast I’ve sent out since the holidays — so, a happy post New Year to you all! And, I know I’m not the only one trying to keep warm and dreaming of sunny spring times these days… sigh, I’m ready for the melting to begin! Let’s just say we’ve been making lots of serious slow-cooker stews and warm late night beverages here at our little abode to relieve the snap of cold… However, amid the cold & ice there have been exciting things happening with music in the world of film & television: If any of you caught the episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” last night, I hope you enjoyed the moment of “Fresh Pair of Eyes” that played a small ‘role’ in the show. Very stoked about it! For anyone interested in purchasing the song, you can head to iTunes and pick up a ‘winter bundle’ I’ve issued containing 2 songs (”Fresh Pair of Eyes” & “Heal for the Honey” as well as the live video version of “Go Easy Little Doves“) all for the LOW price of $2.99! It’s also been a busy couple of weeks over at ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars” — thanks to the show for using a bunch of my songs the last few episodes. Always fun to be apart of the show! Speaking of PLL, the show has just released a soundtrack from the first season’s episodes. “Fresh Pair of Eyes” is included among this stellar line up of musicians and bands. I believe you can pick one up at any major cd retailer (or digital outlet, of course). And last, but definitely not least, I’ve got a few festivals now on the books – I’ll be playing MacRock in West Virginia this April and Cornerstone Festival in Marietta, IL this summer… Can’t wait to see you all! Take care and bundle up!!!

Gator Releases New Tough Cases
Whether it be rain, sleet, snow, or maybe just a roadie who wasn’t paying attention, The road isnt always a friendly place. Don’t let the riggers of the road get the best of all your expensive equipment. Gator Cases popular G-TOUR line of flight style cases provide incredible durabilty and protection when traveling across the globe or even just across the street. Gator is excited to add new 12? and 15? dual loud speaker cases to the G-TOUR line. Expect the same top-notch quality and protection Gator’s G-TOUR line is known for, with its thick plywood construction and a tough PVC exterior. Specialized EVA foam padded interior and thick foam divider help keep your loudspeakers safe and secure during transport. The interior divider also features an internal storage compartment for accessories & cables. These cases sport heavy duty lockable casters and recessed dishes on the lid allowing stackability. The G-TOUR loud speaker cases are available for (2) 12? loud speakers or (2) 15? loudspeakers and fit most of today’s most popular models such as the JBL Eon series and the Mackie Thump loud speakers.

Tivoli Audio Release New Products
Tivoli radios combine high end technology and design, offering state of the art sound in products that are also beautiful to look at. All are available in a variety of finishes and colors. From table radios and stereos, internet radios, alarm clock radios and portables, there is something for every music fan. The table radios from Tivoli feature furniture-grade wood and Tivoli’s famous quality and ease of use. Their newest offerings are the Model 10 dual alarm clock radio ($199.99) and the frost white collection of the highly praised Model One ($179.99). The Connector ($125), a brand new docking/recharging device connects an iPod or iPhone to any audio or video system. The NetWorks internet radio/stereo ($599 -$749) can receive internet radio stations from anywhere in the world. You can search by station, city or genre. NetWorks allows you to listen to internet radio from any room in your home — even without a computer. Tivoli’s portable radios offer high quality sound in great looking rubberized, weather-resistant cabinets and run for hours on a rechargeable battery. All are available in a variety of colors. The SongBook global travel alarm clock radio ($199.99) can serve as a speaker by plugging in an iPod directly. The iSongBook ($399.99) features a flip down docking station to play and charge an iPod or iPhone and an extendable second speaker for true stereo sound. The iPAL ($219.99) offers great sound in a compact size.

Hawk Nelson Debuts Music Video
Starting the release party early, Hawk Nelson debuts their music video today for their No. 1 radio single and title track “Crazy Love.” Fans can watch the John Reuben produced music video at here. Next Tuesday, Hawk Nelson will release their fifth studio album, Crazy Love, on Tooth & Nail Records/BEC Recordings. Crazy Love has already produced a 3-week No.1 single with the title track at CHR radio. The single also moved up to No. 23 on the National Christian Audience Chart. Next week, Hawk Nelson will be traveling across the country for street week radio promotions including visits at Air1, WAY-FM Denver, KXOJ/KCXR Tulsa and KSBJ/NGEN Houston. Hawk Nelson also continues on the REVOLVE tour with dates through April.
Tour Dates:
2/18-19 – Denver, CO
2/25-26 – Phoenix, AZ
3/4-5 – Portland, OR
3/11-12 – Baltimore, MD
3/18-19 – Orlando, FL
3/25-26 – Columbus, OH
4/1-2 – Hartford, CT
4/15-16 – Ontario, CA

Cry Holy! Signs To Intense Millennium
CRY HOLY is a six piece Christian rock band with a sound reminiscent of many of those great Melodic Rock acts we have grown to love such as Survivor, Journey and Foreigner yet some how finding a way to forge out a sound that is all their own. They believe strongly that you can provide a Christian message in the music without compromising the music for the message. But don’t think this is just your normal Christian rock record full of hymnals and ballads this is some knock your socks off rock n roll. Having 2 full length albums under their belts to date in the last 10 years, Ten from Two (2001) and AlieNation (2005) the band is posed to bring back the rock and take the Christian music world by storm. Up first in the bands new found partnership with INTENSE MILLENNIUM RECORDS is a special completely remastered and expanded version of AlieNation entitled ‘AlieNation Revisited’. The band was never entirely pleased with the first pressing of this release and has enlisted the help of none other then JK Northrup (XYZ) to completely remaster and expand this version of Alienation. JK Northrup has become a renowned producer in the world of melodic rock having worked with such artists as Ted Poley, Terry Ilous and Paul Shortino to name a few. So if you think you heard this album before, think again, this album has been completely retracked and remastered to compete with the best Melodic Rock acts out there today! If that’s not enough for you the band really wanted their fans to get reintroduced to the band and their music, and will be offering another second disc chocked full of previously unreleased music and videos some of which have never seen the light of day, until now. This 2 Disc Special Deluxe Edition of ‘AlieNation Revisited’ will only be available to those that pre-order the 2 disc version.
For more information, visit:

Believer’s New Album Nearing Completion
Believer is pleased to announce that mixing and mastering for the upcoming album is complete. More info from their latest update: “We decided early on in project that we wanted an outside person to mix the record so we could spend more time writing and recording. Kevin Leaman (BELIEVER guitarist) recommended Kevin Gutierrez from Assembly Line Studios for mixing this record. Leaman had worked with Gutierrez previously and said that he was really easy to work with. From the first telephone conversation it was clear that Gutierrez understood exactly what we were looking for sonically and he seemed really interested in helping us achieve that. We let Kevin know we wanted this album to sound very musical; not just be heavy. We wanted to use the whole frequency range and not have all the mids scooped out so that everything going on in the tunes was audible. Most importantly, we wanted to keep the dynamics. We were a little nervous about not being there physically for the mix, but we spent so much time tweaking in the sounds for tracking that we were confident he had good stuff to work with. The rough mixes we made for ourselves already sounded pretty decent. Kevin was fast and efficient. He’d send us reference mixes as he completed each song and we’d be emailing/texting comments back and forth at all hours of the day and night. He was very responsive to our change requests and was really helpful in setting up the mastering session and communicating what we wanted to Maor Appelbaum of Maor Appelbaum Mastering. Maor also understood what we were trying to achieve with the dynamics and the overall listening experience we wanted to create on this album. Sonically we’re extremely happy with this album and can’t wait for other people to hear it. We feel like this is a really strong and unique album in the BELIEVER catalog and it’s something we’re definitely proud of. So what will you hear? As we mentioned, we focused more on the overall musicality which included more instrumental layers than we used before. The vocals were also more of a focus as we have had much feedback throughout the years, specifically to get out of the one dimensional realm. Kurt wanted the vocals to be more complimentary to the overall tune feel, so he used many facets of his vocal abilities. As with all Believer albums, this one is definitely unique.”
For more information on Believer, visit:

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