The Chariot Invade HM Magazine
Georgia’s THE CHARIOT and HMMagazine.com have posted the third of four exclusive video blogs in preparation for the release of the band’s new album, Long Live, on November 22nd. Head to this link to watch the video now! The band will release one more exclusive blog this month at a to-be-announced location. Stay tuned for more updates on where you can catch the next video blog! CraveOnline is pleased to unleash a brand new full track stream cut from Long Live, entitled ‘Robert Rios’. The track is available now at the site! Head to this link to listen! Shockhound.com is now offering the entire Long Live digital album for $6.99! Make sure to head over there to get your music now! The record will mark the first release for the band on their new label, GOOD FIGHT MUSIC. Behind the boards on Long Live is seasoned producer Matt Goldman (UnderOath, MyChildren MyBride, Four Letter Lie), who is known for his work on several past records by THE CHARIOT, such as Wars and Rumors of Wars (2009), The Fiancée (2007), Unsung EP (2005), and Everything Is Alive, Everything Is Breathing, Nothing Is Dead And Nothing Is Bleeding (2004).

Affiance Post “Nostra Culpa” On Facebook
Bullet Tooth will release the debut album “No Secret Revealed” from Cleveland’s own Affiance on November 30, 2010. “Affiance”, meaning to betroth in trust and confidence, is a name that can be taken to heart as these guys have banded together and endured every trial a new band faces. Affiance kicked down doors, shattering expectations, and broke the mold of how metal “should” sound, and are confident that they present a new breed of metal that is intense, with vocals that soar, and live performances that leave the harshest critics in awe. Singer Dennis Tvrdik said the song was inspired by one of C.S. Lewis’ books “The Abolition Of Man” and a famous quote by Albert Einstein. The name Nostra Culpa was taken from the quote and is latin for the meaning “Our Fault”. “I believe that the horrifying deterioration in the ethical conduct of people today stems from the mechanization and dehumanization of our lives – the disastrous by-product of the scientific and technical mentality. Nostra Culpa. Man grows cold faster than the planet he inhabits.” – (Albert Einstein). “We are very excited and we believe, with the help of Bullet Tooth, we will be able to work harder, push further, and accomplish more than we ever have before,” says Brett Wondrak (Guitar). The album is 10 songs of intricately written metal fused with harmonies and vocals that will leave the listener humming along after the first listen. Lyrically Affiance touch on political and religious themes, and lyricist and vocalist Dennis Tvrdik commented, “We are a band that strongly believes in the pursuit of truth and happiness. In order to achieve these ideals we must delve into concepts and that we often don’t want to think about. We hope that through our music we can inspire people to think for themselves and be pro-active in society”. The band wrapped up a recent full US tour with their friends in Across The Sun (Metal Blade) and No Bragging Rights (Blk Heart Group) and gained tons of new fans in the process. Most importantly, scoring a record deal. When Bullet Tooth Pres. Josh Grabelle saw the band on this tour, he said, “These guys were one of the best live bands I had ever seen. I truly needed to see them play live to make sure Dennis’ vocals weren’t studio magic, and they certainly weren’t! I was blown away. The whole band was incredible, and the songs on this album are gonna knock people’s socks off.” It should also be noted that the night Affiance played in NJ there was a hurricane with 60+ MPH winds and rain… proving nothing will stop Bullet Tooth from seeking out the best new music! Brett commented on the album, “Releasing No Secret Revealed is an incredible milestone for us. This album is basically the result of us locking ourselves in a room and not coming out until we had songs we all loved. It was pretty intense. Half the time we were productive and the other half we were ready to throw each other out the window. We really pushed ourselves, both musically and lyrically, and what we
walked away with was better than any of us had anticipated. It was through the hardship and stress that we established our identity. This album is a testimony of how far perseverance and hard work can take you.”
Track Listing:
1. Revelation
2. Call To The Warrior
3. Nostra Culpa
4. For Power
5. A Monster Fed
6. The Hive
7. A Reading From The Book Of
8. Der Fuhrer
9. Dissent!
10. Calculate And Control
Tour Dates:
12/2 – Toledo, OH
12/3 – Lakewood, OH/Cleveland, OH
12/4 – Jamestown, NY
12/5 – Buffalo, NY
12/7 – Rochester, NY
12/8 – Bronx, NY
12/9 – Albany, NY
12/10 – Mt Airy, MD
12/11 – Linthicum, MD
12/12 – Raleigh, NC
12/13 – Johnson City, TN
12/14 – Cookeville, TN
12/15 – Nashville, TN
12/17 – Memphis, TN
12/18 – Plano, TX
12/19 – Fort Worth, TX
12/20 – Joplin, MO
12/21 – St Louis, MO
12/22 – Indianapolis, IN
To pre-order the album, visit:

Before There Was Rosalyn News
For this Christmas season, Carlos Salazar of Before There Was Rosalyn has teamed up with Mycharity: Water & started a campaign to raise $2000 to fund clean drinking water wells in developing countries. The end date is December 31st, 2010 and if the goal is met, Carlos has offered to shave his dreadlocks off. In his own words, he explains “I am part of a generation that writes, blogs, tweets, sings, screams and shouts about real tangible change on a daily basis and I have felt it hard pressed in my heart for some time that the time is now to really live up to the values and beliefs we so boldly claim. One billion people worldwide live without access to clean drinking water. That’s one in eight people around the world. %90 of the 42,000 deaths caused by unsanitary water conditions every week are children under five years old. We can save them. And we can start by saving one. Just one.” Carlos explains further the reasons and inspirations behind his campaign in his personal blog which can be found here.

Underoath Unveil Tour Plans
UNDERØATH–whose last four albums have sold more than 1.5 million copies–have announced they’ll launch a major U.S. headlining tour for 2011 starting January 20 and wrapping February 27. Having just released their fifth studio album Ø (DISAMBIGUATION) last week (Nov. 9), the FL-based sextet are currently in the midst of a fall tour of select cities with A Day To Remember, the Word Alive and Close Your Eyes until the end of the year. Joining UNDEROATH for the 2011 trek will be longtime friends Thursday. In honor of its 10th anniversary, Thursday will perform their Full Collapse album in its entirety on the trek, Animals As Leaders and A Skylit Drive will also be supporting the entire tour which will hit 34 cities in 6 weeks. In video news, UNDEROATH’s striking clip for their first single “In Division” can now be seen at the group’s brand new website. The dream-like clip finds the band performing in a house that becomes engulfed with water, complimenting the powerful rock track. The video is airing on MTV2’s “Headbanger’s Ball” which the group hosted this past week. Pre-sale tickets for the UNDEROATH tour with Thursday, Animals as Leaders and A Sky Lit Drive are available in every city beginning at 10:00 AM (local time) today. In addition to presale tickets, UNDEROATH created an exclusive VIP ticket package to give their loyal fans a bigger and better experience. UNDEROATH VIP Packages are $59.00 each and include: 1 GA Ticket,1 Exclusive Underoath T-Shirt, 1 Commemorative VIP Show Laminate, 1 Autographed Poster and 1 Meet & Greet with UNDEROATH. Buy tickets with lower service charges here.
Tour Dates:
11/23 – Mission, TX
11/24 – New Orleans, LA
11/26 – Tampa, FL
11/27 – Nashville, TN
11/28 – Memphis, TN
11/29 – Shreveport, LA
11/30 – Birmingham, AL
12/1 – Pensacola, FL
1/20 – Houston, TX
1/22 – Dallas, TX
1/24 – Albuquerque, NM
1/25 – Tempe, AZ
1/26 – West Hollywood, CA
1/27 – Anaheim, CA
1/28 – Las Vegas, NV
1/29 – San Diego, CA
1/30 – San Francisco, CA
2/1 – Portland, OR
2/2 – Seattle, WA
2/3 – Spokane, WA
2/4 – Boise, ID
2/5 – Salt Lake City, UT
2/6 – Denver, CO
2/8 – Minneapolis, MN
2/9 – Chicago, IL
2/10 – Cleveland, OH
2/11 – Buffalo, NY
2/12 – Royal Oak, MI
2/13 – Toronto, ON
2/14 – Montreal, QC
2/16 – Pittsburgh, PA
2/17 – New York, NY
2/18 – Worcester, MA
2/19 – Philadelphia, PA
2/20 – New Haven, CT
2/22 – Washington, DC
2/23 – Charlotte, NC
2/24 – Knoxville, TN
2/25 – Atlanta, GA
2/26 – Lake Buena Vista, FL
2/27 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Times Of Grace Post Videos
These teaser clips boast pastoral and eye-kidnapping visual imagery along with audio clips from the band’s forthcoming debut, The Hymn of a Broken Man, due out January 18. Times of Grace finds Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam D. reuniting with former KsE vocalist Jesse Leach, who lent his inimitable pipes and provocative lyrics to the now-classic Alive or Just Breathing. Jesse Leach himself also provided a little insight into these clips, saying: “As some of you may be aware of now, there is a whole other visual side of Times of Grace. Our record was completed just over a year ago, during that year I listened to the record on various occasions. The more I listened, the more visions and concepts I had running through my head. I decided if I could, I wanted to see these visions come to life. I reached out to Adam to let him know my thoughts we decided I would come up with concepts for “visuals.” Through management, we sought out various artists to produce these images and decided on Agata Alexander. Based on the samples she sent us, we knew she was the one to bring it all to life. “I spent time writing up ideas and concepts for each song and sent them over to her. Over the course of a few months she went out & captured these images and created a whole other world. These images were watched by myself & Adam many times. We would have dialogue about what we thought was amazing & what could used a bit of editing. On the whole there was not much we wanted to touch, as Agata really grasped what we were going for. Over the next two months we are giving you samples of not only the songs off the record, but also these visuals! These visuals will accompany the “special Edition” of the CD which will be available for pre-order in the weeks to come. Also as we solidify our live band, we will also bring these images to life during our live show. The idea is to let the listener experience “Time of Grace” on different levels. To me this record is so much more than just another record, it is a documentary of a moment in time that shaped Adam & I as individuals. I feel it is important to let all of you inside of our heads a bit, and hopefully have your own experience through the music and visuals. Many thanks to Agata Alexander for her work with us. I am very pleased and grateful to be able to make “Times of Grace” the full experience that it has become. Stay tuned…”

Grave Robber Frontman Putting Together A Christmas Album
Wretched, that slow-syllable-tongued frontman for Grave Robber, utters some words about putting together a Christmas album: I’m launching a new record label called ROTTWEILER RECORDS. I’m currently seeking Christian metal, punk, goth, hardcore bands who have Christmas songs for a FREE download compilation. The plan is to submit this comp to radio stations all over the U.S. in time for their Christmas playlists. If you’d be so kind, please post this and let them know I need wav files sent to Rottweilerrecords@gmail.com by Nov. 26th. Artists already on the comp are: Leper, Coriolis, True Liberty, Frost Like Ashes, Grave Robber, and Fireborn.

New Tourniquet Album Update
Tourniquet joins the kickstarter phenomenon. We’re continually encouraged by the flood of people asking “When will we get a new Tourniquet album?” Well, we’ve been working to make it happen. Here’s the deal: due to the current great opportunities for artists to “do it themselves”, and on the other hand the steady decline of record labels everywhere, we’re going independent on this one. Increasingly, even platinum selling artists have decided to go the independent route to have more control of their art and careers. For Tourniquet, we believe its best so that we have the freedom to make the album we want to and retain control of the final product. If the album turns out as well as we hope, the opportunity to have it picked up and distributed by a label is certainly there. Tourniquet is ready to record. We feel the new album will be filled with songs that are destined to become classics. We’re set to work with top producer Neil Kernon, who has an impressive track record from producing many bands we all know. Making a high-quality album is not cheap. The recording, mixing, mastering, and manufacturing all cost lots of money. This is where you, the fans, come in. Our hope is that you will contribute toward the production of our new album. In return, we are ready to give back a whole bunch of cool stuff for anyone who contributes toward the new album budget. We have partnered with Kickstarter, an ingenious platform for funding creative projects. Other well known artists are already using Kickstarter – Christian musician/film producer Steve Taylor recently had his new film funded, as did Christian artists Showbread for their new album. It’s definitely becoming a sensible choice for artists of all kinds and no doubt you will be seeing much more of it in the future. Our goal is to raise $22,000. This may sound like a huge number, but in the world of making records, it’s far from extravagant. We’ve got until January 14, 2011 to raise the full amount. Kickstarter is wisely set up as “all or nothing” funding. That way, it protects us from having to deliver a record without the necessary funds, and allows you to see if others feel the project is worth funding. So – unless we raise the full amount, all is lost – we get no funds to make the album, and you get none of the cool stuff we’re offering! If we raise more than that amount (which would be awesome), we’ll put it right back into the band for merchandise, shows, etc. to help us continue in this ministry called Tourniquet. Have a look at the video and see what we are excited to give back – hope you join us and please spread the word!

Skillet Still Burning Up Charts
On the heels of their latest project AWAKE receiving RIAA Gold status in just 10 months, Atlantic/Ardent/INO rockers Skillet are now celebrating the Gold certification (over 500,000 units) of their digital single for the smash hit “Monster.” In addition to being a top 5 Active Mainstream Rock single, “Monster” was also a hit Christian rock single , and was used during the “25th Anniversary of WrestleMania – World Television Premiere” on NBC. Radio has continued to bring Skillet to the top as well, as they garner another #1 single from AWAKE with “Forgiven” on Christian CHR and Rock, following in the footsteps of the project’s previous #1 Christian singles, “Awake & Alive,” which in just six weeks has already broken top 20 and continues to climb the mainstream active Rock chart as well, and “Hero,” which was a top 12 Active Rock Single and has been used on Sunday Night Football, NFL Weekend Kickoff promos, ESPN College sports, and much more. As strong album sales continue to keep them in the top 10 of the Christian sales chart, and on the Billboard top 200, impressively, only 14 other acts have been on the chart longer than AWAKE’s consistent 64 weeks. The elite list includes megastars such as Taylor Swift, Daughtry, The Zach Brown Band, Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga. As radio and sales continue to take Skillet to new levels in their career, 2010 has been another year of constant touring for the band, which has meant numerous sold out shows and exciting headlining moments at summer festivals across the country. The band kicked off 2010 touring with labelmates Shinedown, and then co-headlined the very successful “Awake Tonight” tour with TobyMac before heading out on their own capacity crowd tour and hitting the summer festival season. “The 2010 Tour” with Creed led into one of the fall’s most rocking tours as they co-billed with Papa Roach, and last week Skillet once again teamed up with TobyMac on the “Winter Wonder Slam presents The Awake Tonight Tour.” So anticipated is this fall tour that in its third night, the acts’ sold out The Target Center in Minneapolis with over 13,000 fans.

As Hell Retreats Signs With Facedown Records
After releasing their first full length album Revival with Strike First Records in mid 2010, the band has moved up to Facedown and is getting ready to record their new album Volition. Vocalist Jackson Greene had this to say about the move: We are more than excited to be moving to Facedown Records. We’ve appreciated this label for what it has done for its bands and we are more than grateful for getting that opportunity. We’ve been working so hard touring and promoting our record ‘Revival’ off of Strike First Records and we want to work even harder with writing our new Facedown Release titled ‘Volition,’ making it our most passionate material yet. As Hell Retreats will be heading into the studio to record Volition with Brian Hood (A Plea For Purging, MyChildren MyBride) in January.
Tour Dates:
12/3 – East Ridge, TN
12/4 – Sylacauga, AL
12/5 – Douglasville, GA
12/6 – Augusta, GA
12/7 – McDonough, GA
12/8 – Fayetteville, GA
12/10 – Greenville, SC

Paramore Posts New Video
Check out Paramore’s new video for their song Playing God here. Paramore recently took home the “Best Alternative” Award at the 2010 MTV EMA’s and are also nominated for “Best Rock Band” at the 2011 People’s Choice Awards. They are currently wrapping up their UK arena tour which included two nights at London’s famed O2 Arena. They will also perform at The USO Presents “VH1 Divas Salute The Troops,” scheduled to air on Sunday, December 5 at 9:00PM ET/PT.

The Felix Culpa Are Back
Since their 2002 formation, The Felix Culpa have focused on taking the road less traveled, no matter how long it might take. After delivering a stunning debut (2004’s Commitment) and getting written up numerous times in such tastemaking publications as Alternative Press, the band – vocalist/guitarist Marky Hladish, bassist/vocalist Tristan Hammond and drummer Joel Coan – found themselves being courted by numerous labels, all looking to capitalize on the band’s uniquely aggressive and starkly beautiful take on art rock. Instead of striking while the iron was hot, the band receded from the spotlight, playing the occasional show – including a run as the backing band for Braid/Hey Mercedes frontman Bob Nanna – and, after picking up guitarist/vocalist Dustin Currier in 2007, beginning the long, arduous process of creating their second album, Sever Your Roots. Over two years in the making, Sever Your Roots (originally self-released by the Culpa in January 2010) finds the band firing on all cylinders. From the unhinged guitar madness in “Our Holy Ghosts” and the head-spinning drumming of “The Constant” to the scathing lyrics and pummeling rhythms of “An Instrument” to the gorgeous arrangement and soaring chorus of “Apologies,” there is nary a flaw to be found over the album’s 66-minute run time. Very few musicians can create music even worth listening to these days; even fewer can create art. The Felix Culpa are that rare breed of band who grasp the importance of both melody and dissonance, and Sever Your Roots is a true masterpiece. 2010 has been the busiest year yet for the Culpa; the band have been on the road with the Dear Hunter, Balance And Composure, O’Brother, Sainthood Reps and more, even being invited to Austin, Texas, by Gotta Groove Records to play their showcase during this year’s South By Southwest Music Festival. Couple that with a mountain of positive press in response to Sever Your Roots, and it was a no-brainer that the band would once again have labels knocking at their door, with rising indie label No Sleep Records (the Wonder Years, La Dispute) coming out on top. No Sleep will reissue Sever Your Roots in January 2011 which the band will support well into the year with nonstop touring.
Track Listing:
(Disc 1, “Sever Your Roots”)
1. New Home Life
2. Our Holy Ghosts
3. The Constant
4. Roots
5. Escape To The Mountain, Lest Thou Be Consumed
6. The First One To The Scene Of An Accident Always Gets Blood On Their Hands
7. Unwriting Our Songs
8. Mutiny
9. Rum & Cigarettes
10. Because This Is How We Speak
11. It’s Raining At Indian Wells
12. What You Call Thought Control, I Call Thought Control
13. An Instrument
14. Apologies
(Disc 2, “Bury Your Axe”)
1. Mallets
2. Towers
3. Spaces

Haste The Day Disbands
Haste The Day has announced via Twitter that they are disbanding. From the band: This is a very difficult announcement to make, but Haste The Day will be doing its final tour February – March 2011. It has been an incredible 10 years and we want to thank all of our amazing fans who have stuck with us through all of our changes and growth as a band. If it weren’t for all of you, this band would have been nothing. There are many reasons why HTD is ending, however we mainly feel as though we have created the best music we can and believe it is now time for us to move on to the next stage of our lives. I remember when this band started a decade ago, we wanted to be like the Solid State/Tooth and Nail Records bands we grew up idolizing. We wanted to use our passion for heavy music and the love that God put in us to be a light in the underground scene; letting people know they are loved, important, forgiven no matter what, and capable of using their gifts to serve their fellow man. I never imagined that we would be able to put out five full length albums, tour the world, and develop so many meaningful relationships with the people who came to our shows. Without your support, this wouldn’t have been possible. The 12 Days of Christmas will be in cities that we will not hit on our final tour so please come out to say goodbye this December. For our final tour, which will also be amazing, we are bringing our friends in My Children My Bride, The Chariot, and A Plea for Purging along for our Farewell Tour all across the US and Canada. We will be playing a great selection of songs from all of our records, including all of the fan favorites, rarely played songs, and a few songs that you guys keep begging us to play live. I have no doubt that this will be the best tour we’ve ever done and we cannot wait to see all of you and give you a hug goodbye. We love you all, thank you for everything you’ve been to us, and we can’t wait to see you for the last time in 2011! We encourage you to keep your inner flame burning and show it off to the rest of the world!
Much Love to you all,
Mike & Haste the Day
For more information, visit:

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