The Choir E-News Update

Dear friends,

Eleven more feathers are in the river. That is to say, our new album, Burning Like the Midnight Sun, has been recorded, mixed, mastered and delivered (along with the cover art) to that mysterious entity called “the manufacturer.” I’m told (and I believe!) it will be available to you, our devoted listeners, on June 28. It’s been 5 years since O How the Mighty Have Fallen. Thanks for waiting around the bend! (Admittedly, this “river” metaphor feels a bit contrived; but now that I’ve got no more lyrics to write… Well, it’s hard to dam the flow.)

Tim played the bass with unrivaled melodious fury. Buckeye Dan Michaels (from Akron Ohio) played lyricon and sax (best since Chase the Kangaroo if not EVER). Marc rendered his distinctive ambient, trippy-slidy guitar beauty. Derri’s vocals have rarely been more emotive – and his guitar work – magical! And as if it’s not outrageous enough that I’m offering my own rave review of our own album before it’s even “out”… I’ll risk going even further by asserting what will soon be undeniable – The drum tracks are smokin’!

Seriously, we’re just thrilled to “still be at it” after all these years. Thanks for riding the current with us. (Ah! Get a grip on that analogy compulsion, Steve!)

And thanks for listening.

Indie Hindie

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Down The Line Magazine (online mag and friend of The Choir)

Down The Line Zine is pleased to announce our first contest featuring a speacial prize of the pre-order package A from the up-coming Choir album Burning Like The Midnight Sun. How do you win? Easy, just follow this link and read the contest rules which are quick and easy.Find out how to enter by CLICKING HERE.



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