Minor Crisis (SoundCloud), an electronic rock band formed from former members of The Chariot and Zao (Joey Husley and Roy Goudy), are set to release their debut record this month through Autumn + Color Records. To whet your appetite, the band has released b-sides of two of their tracks, named and released exclusively for HM Magazine. Use the download link on the SoundCloud clops below to download them for free today!

Producer Jeff Ashmore spoke with HM about the two tracks.

“Wedye” is an album track, but this version includes additional guitar and synth parts that will be used live and are not on the album version. The album version will be more lyrical in content and focus, where as this one is more focused on musical content.

“Drama Queen” is actually a remix made from a couple of tracks that will be on the album, but will only be heard in this format live or exclusively with this HM article.

Our goal and musical direction with Minor Crisis is to hopefully present the electronic and aggressive (or mood-rock) genres together in a format that doesn’t feel corny or forced. We think these two tracks do just that (and hope others will agree), while also offering different intentions with the tracks’ emotional content. “Drama Queen” is more of a light-hearted approach, similar to an Offspring style, and “Wedye” is more of the dark, melodic, industrial rock feel layered with very analog guitar soloing and riffs.

Enjoy, and share away!


“Drama Queen”


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