It felt so good to get out from the confines of a computer desk to see some real live music. Seems like it’s been awhile. I’ve had this date circled on my calendar for awhile, so I was super stoked to get to Emo’s last Tuesday and see mewithoutYou.

The band had a packed outdoor “house” at Emo’s eating out of their hand, standing in rapt attention even before they played a note. They came out firing and sounded real good. It wasn’t long before people were singing along almost as loud as the band to the verses of songs that built up into crashing crescendos.

I was kinda (most pleasantly) surprised to see (since officially departed) guitarist Christopher Kleinberg bending his strings and emitting just the right sounds from his wah pedal throughout the night. I’m not sure who’s traveling with them on harp, but during the grand finale of “Feed The Goats” she’s adding to the band’s rich, full sound.

Highlights definitely included “Houses” and “Depeche” from Brother, Sister “January 1979” and “Torches Together” from Catch For Us The Foxes. A few new songs made their way into the set. Some of them started off with seeming trouble, but due to the raw character of the Daniel Smith-produced songs, seemed to add to the event like scars on leather. Aaron humorously introduced one as “Four Clicks in C Major.” I believe it was “Every Thought A Thought Of You,” which sounded nice and full. At other times he appeared sweaty, but swaying with a towel on his head and an accordian in his arms, held around his neck with a tattered strap of what looks like string.

Almost as much of a show as Aaron Weiss and his band was the crowd. Dancing and hands raised, lots of bouncing and even some slight slamming during the faster tunes — the energy was passed from crowd to stage and back many times. During “January 1979” a random dancer jumped up on stage and danced several measures of clear freedom and joy before he was ushered off. It was great.

This band has still got it. Every time I see them I am thankful for the experience. mewithoutYou could almost now be used as a standard for a genuine, passionate and authentic performance.

To read more about this show and get more perspective (along with lots of photos), visit Corey Erb’s Intern Diaries.


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