October 23, 2012 Official Release Date for ‘You Choose’

The first third party hard copy distributor for Messenger’s ‘You Choose’ CD will be CD Baby! The link below will be available for the anticipated second studio release, as of October 23,2012:

It will also be distributed through iTunes and Amazon, as well as other carriers such as Roxx Records and Righteous Rock TVBut we are still …

You Choose CD

self-distributing pre-release! People are commenting on Messenger’s Facebook Page about how they got the CD and what they think of it!

Mark from England says, First impressions on the new cd is it sounds really awesome even better than the debut!!! Thank you Messenger for making great music with uplifting lyrics.

Chris from Tennessee says,I am digging the new CD, guys.  This is good stuff!

Through PayPal, you can send $10 to and we’ll cover the shipping in the U.S. < – NO CHARGE! It will be shipped out within 2 days of receipt of payment. International shipping will be an additional $3.
If you prefer to send a check, email us here and we’ll give you a mailing address of where to send it. When we get the letter and the mailing address, we’ll ship out the CD!

Thank you for your support as we keep rockin’ for the Rock with metal for the Maker!



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